Urge UG Commissioner Tarence Maddox To Resign!

Wyandotte County deserves better than Commissioner Maddox's outlandish behavior.

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We the undersigned agree,

Unified Government Commissioner Tarence Maddox should resign from his position immediately. Mr. Maddox's behavior is unacceptable for an elected official an the citizens of Wyandotte County deserve to be represented by someone who takes their position seriously and not someone who uses their title for their own personal gain and to threaten local business owners and their employees.


Commissioner Tarence Maddox, who infamously threw a temper tantrum at Legoland last summer, was caught on video again. This time, the elected leader threw his title around and made threats to an employee at a Kansas City, Kan., gas station.

Surveillance video obtained by 41 Action News shows Maddox entering the BP gas station at 5th and Minnesota on January 27.

According to employees, Maddox was upset about a $20 charge on his card after getting gas several weeks earlier. He told the cashier he still had not heard back from the owner to resolve the situation and get a refund.

“Let me give you this message,” Maddox told the cashier. “Tell him the commissioner said, ‘If he does not call me, I’m going to get an inspector down here to talk to him. And I’m going to require him to have a security guard overnight and he’ll have to pay for it.’ Tell him that.”

“You make that sound like a threat,” the cashier responded. “If I repeat that from him, he’s going to take it from me as a threat.”

“Well, he’s going to pay a lot more out for his infractions,” Maddox told her.

Maddox was at the store for about 10 minutes. In between customers, Maddox continued to reference his elected position.

“If I call codes, they’ll shut this store down as a result,” Maddox said. “I’m telling you, I’m done playing games. I left my number. My money got taken. If he can’t call me, as a commissioner, as a government official…that’s what I am. I don’t know what you are. I don’t know what he is.”

Station Manager Julie White spoke with the cashier shortly after the encounter. White was already familiar with Maddox and showed 41 Action News the handwritten note he left when the disputed charge first surfaced. On the note, Maddox identified himself as a “commissioner.”

“Every single time he came in, he made it a point to let everyone know that he is the commissioner,” White said. “He basically told [the cashier] if she didn’t deliver that message, she was going to regret it later on.”

With hundreds of credit card transactions every week, White said the occasional customer complaint about a charge at the gas pump is not unusual. But she told 41 Action News there was nothing normal about Maddox’s reaction.

It’s not the only time the first-term commissioner, elected to the fourth district in 2011, has been on the hot seat.

41 Action News was the first to report Maddox’s outburst at Legoland and ensuing arrest at Crown Center last summer. He later pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge.

Other legal problems also surfaced, including dashcam video from the 2012 traffic stop, where Maddox could be heard threatening another driver.

In September, Maddox became the first Unified Government official to receive a public censure for a list of ethics violations.

Legislative Auditor Thomas Wiss confirmed to 41 Action News that Maddox attended a training session with the ethics administrator in October. Specific emphasis was put on the appropriate ways to use the commissioner title, Wiss said.

Reached by phone on February 19, Maddox denied ever using his commissioner title at the gas station or making threats about code violations.

“Never happened,” he told 41 Action News. “I don’t know where you get this stuff. People must be paying you to do stories about me.”

Read more at watch the video here: http://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/investigations/wyco-commissioner-tarence-maddox-denies-touting-position-in-dispute-despite-video-evidence

Heather Nick - Kansas City, KS
Debra Rymer - Kansas City, KS
Jennifer Allen - Kansas City, KS - "He needs to go!"
Christopher Carroll - Bonner Springs, KS - "The citizen's wyco deserve better of its elected officials. "
Howard Kemper Sr. - kansas city , KS
Ruben Raygoza - Edwardsville, KS - "Embarrassed to even think he still has a position after the lego land tantrum!! he works for the community not the other way around!!"
Nikki Zarazee - Kansas city, KS - "An obvious abuse of "power"."
Abby Eckel - Kansas City, KS
Melissa Smith - Kansas City, KS
Shannon Ward - Ks, KS
Debra Cardwell - Kansas City, KS - "He is a complete embarrassment to Wyandotte County. It is people like him who give Wyandotte County a bad name!!"
Brett McCoy - Kansas City, KS - "What a jack leg. Time to go."
marko cvetkovic - Kansas city, KS
rodrigo palominos - kansas city, KS - "We need someone respectable."
Derek Kempf - Kansas city, KS - "His actions are not what you want representing the community. If you are going to be a commissioner in the county, the only reason you should be in the news should be because you have done something positive for the community."
Heron Santana - Kansas City , KS - "A disgrace he has held this position for so long after the first incident occurred. Represents KCK horribly."
Brian Finney - kc, KS
Robert Brownrigg - Kansas City, KS - "I do not think he has the integrity and common sense to remove himself. Let us hope the voters of the 4th district insures his defeat in the 2015 primary. Maybe the County Attorney can take ouster action. "
David McDaniel - Kansas City, KS
Jared Shearer - Kansas City, KS
Michael Howell - Kansas City, KS - "No reason to retain. Remove immediately from office..."
Troy Bennett - Kansas City, KS - "He should of be removed after Lego Land. Yet another poor decisions made by the leadership of this county."
Robert Carl - Kansas City, KS
Jamie Miller - Kansas City, KS
Amanda Rank - Kansas city, KS - "we don't need people who act so childish representing our county !"
brian wortman - kansas city, KS - "Bad for this city. He must go!"
Patrick Henry - Kansas , KS - "An embarrassment to wyandott County residents this is note the first time Time to go to the attorney general !!! "
Marlin Sluder - Bonner springs, KS
sara Befort - KANAS, KS
Leslie Losier - Bonner Springs, KS - "He is an embarrassment to KCK. "
Carl Webb - Kansas City, KS - "Dig a little more and you will see more than one contact in 2012. Should of been ousted from his position then, even more so now. Ask TMadd about the 12th St Mafia..."
Shawn Magee - Bonner Springs, KS
Adam Smith - Kansas City, KS
Jennifer Slaughter - Kansas City, KS
Brandon Holloway - Edwardsvilke, KS - "His actions are a disgrace to the Unified Government. His intentions are obviously not to serve the public but himself. Remove him from office immediately!"
Randy Neher - kansas city , KS - "Terrible representation of wyco. He should be ashamed!"
Sheridan Smith - Kansas City, KS - "Stop the abuse of power. "
kenneth hickerson - kansas city, KS
Joseph Reed - kansas city, KS
Kristen Allen - KC, KS - "The Legoland incident was an embarrassment and the intimidation of a local business owner is ridiculous. He needs to resign so WYCO can move forward with plans to continue the revitalization of our fine community without the antics of an unprofessional representative in our local government. "
Jim Brookshire - Kansas City, KS
Christine Schmaltz - Kansas City, KS - "I agree his behavior is unacceptable. We don't need someone representing us who expects/demands preferential treatment because of his position. I hope that's not why he ran for this office."
nick parks - kansas city, KS
Melisa Mesa - Kansas City, KS
Angela Joyce - kansas city, KS
Andrew Carver - kansas city, KS
Elizabeth Ticer - Kansas City, KS
Douglas Cramer - Kansas City, KS - "The abuse of power must stop! "
Gretta Armitage - Kansas City, KS - "Resign, what a petty way to act in public (or anywhere for that matter)! You Sir are a very childish man and need to resign immediately!!"
Craig Jack - Kc, KS
Bonnie Castro - Kansas City, KS - "Had only brought embarrassment to Wyandotte county."
Larry D. Hols - Kansas City, KS
Miguel Acosta - Bonner Springs, KS
Elizabeth McCoy - Kansas City, KS - "He continues to act like a bully and bring disgrace to the Dotte! Resign!"
Skylar Crego - Overland Park, KS - "I've seen the stories. What a disgrace. Get him out of office!"
claude robinson - kansas city, KS - "Complete embarrassment"
William Siggins - Kansas City, KS - "If I used my credentials or position from my job to get over on people I would be fired. It's time for you to go."
Wade Smith - Kansas city, KS - "He's a disgrace and should have been gone along time ago. The UG is corrupt enough."
brian roberts - edwardsville, KS
misty smith - Kansas City, KS - "I hate that he thinks he can used government as a power. Cmon he was raised in the ghetto of wyco. Dont try to be something that you cant be. Not the same guy I grew up around. Makes me ashamed to admit that I even know him."
cassie hoffman - kansas, KS - "Bad man"
Randall Lewis - Leavenworth , KS - "I agree, I was born and raised a Dotte and people of KCK deserve better, I thought that old machine was gonr"
Betsy Jones - Kansas city, KS - "Embarrassment to Wyandotte County"
Larry Beashore - Kansas City, KS
Cate Jacobs - Kansas City, KS - "Maddox has proven he is unfit for public office and needs to be removed. He has disgraced our community with repeated abuses of power. Primadonna behavior using his title for personal gains and making threats to community members is unacceptable and should not be tolerated!"
Lori Robinson - Kansas City, KS
Thomas Sloan - Olathe, KS
Daniel Hellweg - Olathe, KS
JL Stewart - kansas city, KS
Brian Lynn - Kansas City, KS
Jamie Rice - Kansas City, KS - "No comments"
Lucas McWilliams - Kansas City, KS
Jason Williams - KC, KS
Jaime Aguirre - Kansas City, KS - "In addition to Commissioner Maddox's preposterous behavior in public and misuse of his title, he declines to attend neighborhood meetings in his district, and makes no effort to truly represent his district. He should resign or be recalled."
Dennis Browne - Kansas City, KS
Cheryl Howell - Kansas City, KS
David Toland - Bonner Springs, KS
Travis Menzies - Kansas City, KS
Eileen Derks-Wilson - Kansas City, KS
Donna Maskil-Thompson - Kansas City, KS - "Elected public officials are expected to act with integrity and be responsive. Here we have someone misuse his title as means to intimidate/coerce persons to do as he demands, and is caught on video yet denies (lies) his actions and blames others for his wrong doing. He's unethical and should be removed from office immediately."
John Jaklevic jr - Kansas City, KS
francisco garcia - kansas city, KS
Michael Harris - Kansas City, KS - " An embarrassment to our Community. "
Michael Middleton - KANSAS CITY, KS - "I already sent my comments to the Mayor and the entire Commission, including Commissioner Maddox. I basically said if he doesn't resign, then legal proceedings need to commence to have him removed."
Jonathon Westbrook - Kansas City, KS
Thomas Elliott - Kansas City, KS - "this nut is power crazed , get him out quick!!"
Alois George Befort III - Kansas Xity, KS - "maddox must go. AND DO TIME IN JAIL. HE IS RACEIES. and obama might come to his aid."
Mary Stewart - Kansas Coity, KS - "Mr. Maddox makes Wyandotte County look as the rest of the Kansas City perceives it's citizens. We are better than that and I am sure there is someone in this community who can do as well and I am sure much better at his job. Throwing his weight around at a hard working citizen is unacceptable."