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We the undersigned agree,

that our elected officials should restore up to $20 million in mental health funding cuts to serve uninsured Kansans.


Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) provide the least expensive treatment and care to Kansans who have a mental illness. CMHCs have served more uninsured Kansans each year since 2007, while their funding to serve the uninsured was cut by 50% during those same years. The CMHCs have a state mandate to serve everyone regardless of their ability to pay. If a person with a mental illness does not receive timely treatment in the community, they will likely end up costing the system more in emergency rooms, psychiatric hospitals, or jails. On average, per day, treatment costs are $543 at state-run psychiatric hospitals; $80 to be incarcerated at Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility; $55 to be incarcerated at the county jail; and $22 for community-based services.

Maggie Iuen - Wichita, KS
Stephen Wood - Lawrence , KS
Mike Gaughan - Lawrence, KS
Joy Koesten - Overland Park, KS - "While I cannot attend this year's advocacy day, I do support restoring the $20 million in mental health funds to serve uninsured Kansans. Treatment works and there can be no treatment without these funds."
Rick Cagan - Lawrence, KS - "Thank you for your support!"
Randy Conyers - Goddard, KS - "I support this petition, asking for the reinstatement of $15million which, by adding this amount, will return the budget prior to FY2008 to $20million. Stating that the budget does not have $15million to fund this program is a lie. The truth is the State of Kansas has the money to fund CMHCs with $$$ millions. These funds, to date, have not been itemized as 'Revenue' on the budget. The time has come to expose the yearly income of such funds and have them included in the budget. We, the state of Kansas, has $20 million to appropriate to CMHCs. As this is the most critical budgeted item the state has, I strongly support this petition and stand steadfast on how it can be funded. Thank You. "
Caitlin Hilton - Lawrence, KS - "Kansas CMHCs have already lost $20 million. They are facing even more budget cuts, which could result in 373,000 mentally ill adults & severely emotionally disturbed children not receiving treatment. It is essential that this $20 million be restored to ensure that as many Kansans as possible receive mental health treatment."
Evan Todd - Manhattan, KS
Carol Peters - Leavenworth, KS - "I hope the issues can be resolved for the sake of all of us with mental health problems."
Shelly Degenhardt - Lawrence, KS
lorraine murray-shikles - leawood, KS - "I have been a clinician in mental health work for many years and parent of consumers. The need for more coordination of funding and help is critical."
Nancy Ross - Wichita, KS - "Please restore $20 million in mental health funding cuts to serve the uninsured in Kansas. Those without insurance today are just in need of those of us that passed through the doors of CMCH's years ago-- and they need the same level of treatment."
Linda Johnson - Leavenworth, KS - "Untreated mental health issues creates problems for our ecoomy, our educational systems, our health care, our prisons, and most importantly, our families and our children. We must provide the resources in Kansas to treat those with mental illness."
Carro Smith - Overland Park, KS - "We need more mental health funding!"
Marsha Hicks - Arkansas City, KS - "These services are needed because they help people get back what they lost when they had a nervous break down and the Consumer Run Organizations help them with services in the community that help them get back as good as they can and some better than they were before "
Brad Sloan - Topeka, KS
Regina Franklin, LMSW - Topeka, KS
Dan Brennan - Topeka, KS - "Helping those who need mental health treatment will improve your own well is a no-brainer."
pepper Daniel - Topeka, KS - "take care of the needy "
Vicky Collins - Wichita, KS - "Vicky Collins-Wichita, KS "I support this petition, society has the responsibility to care for the underserved and uninsured which is why I believe the $20 million in mental health funding cuts must be reinstated. There are monitary concerns, however we also know what can happen if individuals do not receive the mental health services they desperately need, thus advoiding another tragedy." "
Tonya Bareli - Unit 2502, KS - "I was just hospitalized for 11 days at 2 rivers. Staff was way understaffed. They said they have hired the max for the state budget. It wasn't enough! Please increase the funding. "
Cara Weeks - Lawrence, KS
April Vaughn - Topeka, KS
Bill Fleming - Wellington, KS - "I think it would be cost effective, and the Mentally Ill would receive better Mental Health Services if additional funding was put into Community Mental Health Services."
Stephanie Collins - Riverton, KS - "We look forward to working with you to advance a healthy and productive community. Thank you for your support."
Joseph Jekel - Overland Park, KS
kelly schwindt - shawnee, KS - "our voice is just as important as the rest of society WE ARE HUMAN NOT A DISEASE stop cutting and start caring about those who are life affirming and community leaders and people with love and compassion for others can you say that too? Well then help be our voice and stop making the choice before you hear our stories"
Stephanie Needham - Shawnee, KS
Rebecca Holman - Arkansas City, KS
Cynthia Schendel - Overland Park, KS - "Let's treat the mentally ill compassionately and appropriately instead of shifting their care to the criminal justice system which does a terrible job and only traumatizes them further."
Rick Sargent - Topeka, KS - "I support this. As a mental professional I see everyday for more funding. Prisons and jails are not the answer to mental crisis."
Brenda Robertson - Ottawa, KS - "I am an adult who has bipolar disorder to the degree that it is severe and persistent. I recieve Soc. Sec. Disability Insurance income from all the years I was able to work full time. With the support from the CMHC, I am have been able to work limited hrs again, contributing payroll tax, and deduct. to Soc. Sec. Without the CMHC I am not able to sustain any work at all due to needing help to manage symptoms and keep on track with medications and daily living skills. Please, please won't you vote to restore the 20 mil to Kansas CMHC's the benefits of these centers is tremendous. Sincerely, Brenda Robertson, 2702 Stafford Rd, Ottawa KS 66067"
Joyce Morrison - lenexa, KS
Mical Willis - Baldwin City, KS - "I have witnessed the decline in Mental Health services for the last 40years as a RN. As a jail nurse in California I witnessed the mentally ill population increase after the Mental Health services were closed there. The only way some people were able to get mental health treatment was after they killed somebody."
Emili Stoll - lawrence, KS
Carla DeHetre - Lawrence, KS
deb keary - Lawrence, KS
Thomas Keary - Overland Park, KS
Jeffery Burkhead - Lawrence, KS
Kendra Luna - Lawrence, KS
Christine Hammon - Lawrence, KS
John Hays - kansas city, KS
Angela Hays - kansas city, KS
christie dobson - Lawrence, KS
Cathy Fulks - Wichita, KS
Marilynn Gonzales - Independence, KS - "Mental health services are proving to be more and more important. I understand we have a budget in the State that needs revised and reviewed. Please take in concideration the 1000's of individuals affected by mental illness every day."
Howard MCcurry - Wichita, KS
Betty Mach - Topeka, KS - "I have ADHD and others."
Anna Lambertson - Topeka, KS - "Thank you for your support of access to mental health services in Kansas!"
Joshua Dieker - Salina, KS
micahel rutz - Enterprise, KS - "I fully support funding for mental health treatment centers in Kansas and develop institutions which will treat the mentally ill both through counseling and drug therapy together. It is a must to have locations where patients can be treated for longer times, more than 5 - 10 days to up to 6 months."
mitchell jane - Topeka, KS
Jeff McAdams - Lawrence, KS
Jeff McAdams - Olathe, KS
barbara davis - OLATHE, KS
Sandra Kayser - Americus, KS - "The uninsured are getting nothing but crisis treatment, so they go from one crisis to another over and over. This is just wrong. Restore the $20 million."
Linda Buchanan - Wichita, KS
Debra Corey - Wichita, KS - "The more budgets get cut the more trouble they will be in. The more shottings, killings, there will be. The more programs that get cut for the children the more gangs take over, the more violence there will be. "
Justin Knutzen - Berryton, KS
Marcia Epstein - Lawrence, KS - "I serve as Director of Headquarters Counseling Center in Lawrence, which provides the federally funded Kansas Youth Suicide Prevention program, and counseling for people from all Kansas area codes to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800.273.8255 (TALK). We hear daily from Kansans with unmet mental health needs. We urge our legislators to support increased funding for vital services through our network of community mental health centers. Thank you!"
brenda schick - topeka, KS
Tracy Rasmussen - Lawrence, KS
lydia shontz - Lawrence, KS
Beth Lee - Lawrence, KS
Rachel Bromberg - Lawrence, KS
Mia Bonitto - Lawrence, KS
Carly Curtis - Lawrence, KS
Elaine Rolfs - Lawrence, KS
jason divis - topeka, KS
Tara Price - Wichita, KS
barb coffee - tecumseh, KS
Brent Schneider - Topeka, KS
Ashley Jeffries - Olathe, KS
Nicole Winterberg - Lawrence, KS
Ashley Martinez - Lawrence, KS - "As someone who volunteers at a crisis and suicide call center, I can gladly say that I support this."
Tanner Edwards - Lawrence, KS
Christie Freek - Wichita, KS - "please don't close medical for Mental health please keep it kid's and Adults need it please reconsider it thanks"
Ann Mah - Topeka, KS - "We cannot continue to serve our mentally ill on the streets and in our jails. Please restore funding to at least the $25 million level of a few years ago. That would be a good start toward putting our CMHCs back on track."
Julie DeVader - Topeka, KS
Roger Young - Sabetha, KS - "Please be the, "UNDERSTANDING" for the people that lacks understanding because of their illness. Let us quit being a throw-away society. "
Yvonne Garcia - Lawrence, KS - "We owe those in our community who suffer from mental illness a way to receive treatment. I support this petition to restore $20 million in funding to serve those that need it the most. It is a critical need for our community and we must advocate for those that can't. "
Kim Williams - Topeka, KS
Anne Owen, PhD - Lawrence, KS
Kathleen Tripp - Shawnee, KS
Rebecca Sombatchareun - Pleasanton, KS
Coleen Kidd - Topeka, KS - "I strongly support restoring funding to ensure mental health services."
Suzanne Roberts - Prairie Village, KS - "I have a daughter with severe and persistent mental illness. She has ping ponged in and out of hospitals over the last three and a half years. We desperately need better comprehensive mental health services in Kansas."
Ken Kerle - Topeka, KS - "March 5, 2013 Urban jails still continued to be the largest mental health facilities in the United States. Jails and prisons today have too many persons with co-occurring disorders at an inordinate cost to the tax-paying public. Failure to appropriate sufficient funding for CMHCs only encourages the use of the criminal justice system as the "treatment solution." This is "penny wise" and "pound foolish." I urge your support to restore the funding for the mental health appropriation. Thank You."
Marcia Rucket - Topeka, KS
pauline adkins - newton, KS - "Newton Kansas has little to no compassion for people with mental health issues. I wish the police department could realize that all humans are noy perfect!"
nina schunck - Overland Park, KS - "Recent cuts are immoral."
Stacy Rucker - Wichita, KS
Jennifer burrell - Topeka, KS - "Our officials were elected to represent all Kansans, support and improve the community. The mentally ill in Kansas deserve effective treatment. I credit a CMHC for keeping my mother with us and happier for 20 years. This system works and is cost effective."
David Blakely - Topeka, KS - "The cuts to mental health have been short sighted, and unconscionable. It is time to reverse this uncaring and lethal trend. "
Susan Rome - Shawnee, KS - "Services for persons with mental illness are essential for our community. Those who are uninsured are the most vulnerable. I urge you to support restoration of these funds. Thank you"
Treva Lichti - Wichita, KS - "The Community Mental Health Centers in KS have served more uninsured each year since 2007, while funding to serve the uninsured was cut by 50% during those same years. The CMHCs are mandated to serve those with mental illness whether they have a payor source or not. Please restore the $20million funding for serving the uninsured, so adequate services can be provided to our fellow Kansans. "
Susan Murphy - Wichita, KS - "Please support mental health."
Matthew Myers - Linn, KS
Elaine Kierl Gangel - Leawood, KS - "I have observed first-hand the worst (patient released with 2-hour notice and another patient's paperwork) and the best (kindness and compassion in the presence of institutional chaos) of the mental healthcare system. Individuals with mental health disorders deserve better and we, as their advocates, must demand better. This issue is critical and deserving of state-wide support."
Regan Gangel - Leawood, KS
Barbara Wood - Tonganoxie, KS - "I have just finished reading comments from the 101 people who have thus far signed this petition. There seem to be 2 basic viewpoints--How important CHMCs are in personal lives and what good sense it makes dollarwise to restore cuts. Personally, I've seen over the past 15 years the difference our local CHMC has made in a family member's life. It has helped her to stay well and avoid more costly hospital stays. I can only say "Thank You". "
Jeanne Yamabayashi - Wichita, KS
Mark Wiebe - Roeland Park, KS - "I urge you to support this restoration of funds so that our mental health centers can offer high-quality mental health services to all Kansans--regardless of their ability to pay. If we don't make this investment, we will certainly see more cost-shifting to our state hospitals, emergency rooms and jails. "
Leslie Nord - Shawnee, KS - "Kansans need mental health dollars"
Virginia Rigney - Louisburg, KS
Lisa Williams - Rose Hill, KS
Heather Ricketts - Olathe, KS
Letha Farwell - Overland park, KS
Maurine Kierl - Prairie Village, KS
Anastasia Mellott - Bonner Springs, KS
Stephanie Ptacek - Prairie Village, KS
Linda Pragman - Overland Park, KS
Virginia Kierl - louisburg, KS
Hannah Pragman - Overland Park, KS
Merle Shoemaker - Derby, KS
Megan Hicks - Lawrence, KS
Lynn Kohr - Wichita, KS - "I fully support this petition and would like to thank you for your support of improving access to mental health services for Kansans with mental illnesses. I receive services at the mental health center here and they have been a key part of my success in my journey in recovery. "
andrea corey - Olathe, KS
Brett Bruning - Manhattan, KS
Jean Leiker - Kansas City, KS - "Please support mental health!"
Elisabeth Jones - Maize, KS - "Please ensure that the most vulnerable among us get the care they need, it protect them and us as a society."
Candida Wise - Wichita, KS - "Please support funding for mental health to prevent future incidents similar to: Sandy Hook Elementary, Columbine, Senator in Arizona shooting, Dr. George Tiller killing. Sure, these are extreme cases but I work in mental health, when people with mental illness are limited in their therapy, meds, and case management supports they withdraw and begin planning events such as these. Please support mental health as a preventative support in keeping the community and the mentally ill safe!"
Abbey Bradley - andover, KS
Robert Williams - Wichita, KS
Kathryn Black - Wichita, KS - "The cost of treatment and preventative measures for those struggling daily with mental illness is far less than paying later when they are unproductive due to not being able to reach their full potential. It will cost the State far more to take care of mentally ill adults who have not been served when they were younger and could have developed coping skills from interventions and treatment."
Jessica Levi - lawrence, KS
Dr G Hegge - Wichita, KS
Kathleen Pinnell - Wichita, KS - "These services are essential to all Kansans, especially the uninsured. I have a daughter with mental illness. With treatment she is now a fulling functioning college honors student and will soon be an employed tax-paying member of society. Without treatment, her story would be very different. No one with mental illness should be denied treatment, for their sake and for the sake of all society. Please restore funding to the CMHCs, a vital part of the care continuum. "
Royce McCoy-Harms - Overland Park, KS - "As a law enforcement officer, we work with people with mental health issues on a daily basis. We desperately need more funding for Mental Health. It is not right to deprive our fellow Kansans of proper services."
Emily Mattox - Wichita, KS
Jo Ann Howley - Topeka, KS
Diana Pennington - Topeka, KS - "I support this petition. Community Mental Health Centers must be funded in order to serve those who need mental health services. As the background indicates, there are more expensive and less effective alternatives. "
Roy Menninger - Topeka, KS - "Kansas needs to back its words of support for mental health with deeds: a restoration of the monies that have been removed from the mental health budget in the last several years. It is long overdue."
Melissa McDaniel - Independence, KS
Connie Mason - Emporia, KS - "I represent the men at the Sexual Predator Treatment Program at Larned State Hospital. This is supposed to be a treatment program but it is nothing more than a way to hold them without charges. "
Charlie Ross - Lawrence, KS - "Restore the $20 million at a minimum! Mental health funding is absurdly inadequate to meet the need. Every improvement in mental health services benefits everyone in society. "
Hildegard Sartin - Lawrence, KS - "Everybody in need should be able to receive Mental Health Care"
Bety Morgan - Wichita, KS - "My son, Jeff, has a mental illness. It is a terrible thing. The suffering is unbelieveable. These people need research to develop new ways to cure or at least help them. . Money provided would be going for a good cause."
Lindsey Aduddell - Lawrence, KS - "This is an important cause for familes across the world. People are suffering and need our help to help to help themselves. "
Leslie Ortiz - Wichita, KS - "I support restoring the $20 million in mental health funding cuts. Please take compassion on and responsibility for society's most helpless and underserved. Please give hope and help to the mentally ill and their families who so desperately need it."
Alyssa Marr - Arkansas City, KS
David Gangel - Leawood, KS - "This is very important. I have witnessed first hand how difficult the cuurent system is to navigate and how poor the services are for those that need mental health care and guidance. This support is much needed by those that have the most trouble navigating health care services and advocating for themselves. They need us and this is a great community investment."
Francis (Frank) Heise - Topeka, KS
Stacey Hansen - Wichita, KS
Bob Aduddell - Lawrence, KS
Charlotte Bunyar - Topeka, KS
Jessica Falcone - Manhattan, KS
Jennifer Weishaar - Lawrence, KS
michelle white - Kansas City, KS
David Klish - Derby, KS
Josie Nixon - Lawrence, KS
Mindy Bacon - wichita, KS
Christopher Cooksey - Hays, KS
Jake Lowen - Lawrence, KS
Angela Davis - Topeka, KS
Deanna Berry - Garden City, KS
Jennifer Kucholtz - Lawrence, KS
Thomas Grafton - Lawrence, KS
Grace Seuferling - Lawrence, KS
Lindsay Gray - Lawrence, KS
Jennifer McLiney - Lawrence, KS
Christina Klisares - Overland Park, KS
Soli Salgado - Wichita, KS
Wylie Bott - Lawrence, KS
Demi Stevens - Lawrence, KS
Kelsey Brown - lawrence, KS
Danielle Dasko - Lawrence, KS - "I've had a few close friends who have had mental illness affect their lives, as well as a best friend who has taken their life. I think mental illness is deffinitly an issue that needs to be better addressed. The more funding the better chances we have of better preventing suicide and making us more aware of other mental illnesses."
Bridget Blowey - Lawrence, KS
Morgan Gramling - Lawrence, KS
Amanda Rixey - Lawrence, KS
Kelly Pope - Leawood, KS
Lanie West - Lawrence, KS
Sarah Kenning - Lawrence, KS - "Mental Health is grossly under-prioritized in the state of Kansas, and the nation as a whole. I support this petition. "
Rachel Rengstorf - Lawrence, KS
Riley Uecker - Lawrence, KS
Morgan Said - Shawnee, KS - "I fully support this petition and its grounds for asking for the restoration of mental health funding cuts to uninsured Kansas residents."
Amanda Loner - Overland Park, KS
Meaghan Palmer - Lawrence, KS
Sammy Keller - Lawrence, KS
Anna Hagen - Lawrence, KS
Maggie Blowey - Shawnee, KS
Danielle Geske - Lawrence, KS
Rylie Durham - Lawrence, KS
Madison Shmidl - Lenexa, KS
Emily O'Neill - Lawrence, KS
Kelsey Heller - Lawrence, KS
Sarah Cazares - Overland Park, KS
Maggie Edmondson - Shawnee, KS
Jenna Muscarella - Lawrence, KS
Linda Dickerson - Olathe, KS
Erica Powell - Lawrence, KS
Jenna Filardi - Lawrence, KS
Jill Hinman - overland park, KS
Taylor Fox - Leawood, KS
Melinda Blackman - Lawrence, KS
Mary O'Leary - Lawrence, KS
Holly Jabara - Lawrence, KS
Jordan Abramovich - Overland Park, KS
Catherine Wittenberg - Lawrence, KS
Andrea Velez - overland park, KS
Mackenzie Magid - Lawrence, KS
Bailey Brown - Olathe, KS
Emma Hogg - Overland Park, KS
Laura Nichols - Topeka, KS
Emily Bengtson - Lawrence, KS
Liz Getto - Lenexa, KS
Jessica Eaton - Lawrence, KS
Katlyn Palmer - Lawrence, KS
Matt Martiny - Overland Park, KS
Kynsley Wollenberg - Lawrence, KS
Sherie Grafton - Lenexa, KS
Kaitlin Stedman - Overland Park, KS
Napualani Walker - overland park, KS
Evan Edgington - Shawnee, KS - "This is a no-brainer, we would gain more from this initiative than lose from it. The savings from emergency rooms, psychiatric hospitals and jails would easily surmount the mediocre $20 million dollar "restoration"."
Will Strohmeier - Overland Park, KS
Phillip David Saunders II - Lawrence, KS - "Hurray for helping those in need and hurray for Thomas Grafton for spreading the word"
abby simoneau - Lawrence, KS
Keely Stumpf - Lawrence, KS
Jenna Hinshaw - Overland Park, KS - "This is extremely important for the ultimate well-being of all in our society. "
Allison Burgess - Overland Park, KS
Meredith Henry - Lawrence, KS
ron levi - overland park, KS
Tyler Martin - Lawrence, KS
Maddy Rich - Lawrence, KS
Jenny Decker - Olathe, KS - "This money is far better spent up front than after the fact in hospitals and prisons."
Alyse Decker - Olathe, KS - "<3"
Betsy Tampke - Leawood, KS
Katherine Roberts - Lawrence, KS
Sarah Marquis - Lawrence, KS
Allison Ritter - Lawrence, KS
Spencer Smith - Wichita, KS
Sherry Druehl - Wichita, KS
Robby Flack - Lawrence, KS
Grant Martens - Lawrence, KS
Lynnie Somes - Lawrence, KS
Janice McLean - Lawrence, KS
Heather Rubesch - Prairie Village, KS
Kellie Walsh - Wichita, KS
Amy Harlos - Columbus, KS
Steve Strohmeier - Overland Park, KS
paul betteridge - altamont, KS
Sydney Ramsey - Lawrence, KS
Ali Rueschhoff - Lawrence, KS
Margo Weninger - Lawrence, KS
Elle Ternes - Lawrence, KS
Jamie Koziol - Overland Park, KS
Christie Lacey - Lawrence, KS
Thomas Strickland, Jr. - Kansas City, KS - "While there are Republicans in the government, this will probably fail."
Andi Kennedy - Stilwell, KS
shanna hare - coffeyville, KS - "Don't cut the funds for the MENTAL HEALTH CUZ IF THE FUNDS OUR CUT THAT MEANS PEOPLE OUT THEIR WON'T BE ABLE TO GET HELP!!!!!!! "
Chelly Cole - Lenexa, KS
Lindsey Gleue - Lawrence, KS
Michelle Sailler - Prairie Village, KS
Natalie Wilkins - Lawrence, KS
Francesca Pack - Wichita, KS
Alicia Strawder - Lawrence, KS
Dennis Huser - Lawrence, KS - "Restore the $20 million in mental health. Use the proceeds from the turnpike to pay for it."
Ashleigh Armstrong - Lawrence, KS
William Cleek - Lawrence, KS
Aleesa Lennon - Lawrence, KS - "I support this! How could we treat or neighbors and friends this way? Mental illness and struggles aren't always obvious and sometime those that don't have insurance need the assistance the most. How else would you expect someone to come back from these struggles?"
Stephanie Alderman-Oler - Olathe, KS
jim ryckert - lawrence, KS
Tyler Miller - Lenexa, KS - "I support this petition and would like to see more funding returned to this area of medicine to A) help those in need, B) show that mental health is important and a priority, and C) to show that normal, everyday people suffer from mental health, and that this issue is important to the elected officials in charge."
Cynthia Marta - Lawrence, KS - "Any one of us could find ourselves or someone we love needing community mental health services. This funding is for everyone. "
Alison Sword - Lawrence, KS - "People out there could really use this help, because remember those with mental health diseases and disabilities are still people!"
Catelyn Smith - Bucyrus, KS
Emily Manning - Lawrence, KS
Kayla Banzhaf - Topeka, KS
Renee Fincham - Topeka, KS
Patrick Salais - Kansas City, KS
Laura Pahls - Garden City, KS
Terri Masters - Burlingame, KS
Shelley Banzhaf - Burlingame, KS - "Please restore mental health services to everyone in Kansas! "
Andrew Pragman - Overland Park, KS
Barbara and Jim Rhaesa - Hutchinson, KS
Sarah Doyle - Lawrence, KS - "Stop cutting funding for mental health centers!"
Renee Cristiano - Wichita, KS - "It is vital that these centers continue to be funded to provide very effective and affordable services to people with mental illness. Many of these clients do not have health insurance and as responsible citizens we should provide resources for them."
Sherri Sanders - Derby, KS
Ruth Rowlands - Manhattan, KS
Alex Held - Wichita, KS
David Warren - Leawood, KS
Teresa Loffer - Lindsborg, KS - "I hate signing petitions unless they are legal petitions. I don't want an after-the-fact email newsletter after everything is said and done...I want to know what is coming up so i can write my lawmakers. Thanks."
Zachary Baker - Lansing, KS
Kelly Allison - Great Bend, KS
Melanie Sallman - Kanopolis, KS - "Mental health is the wrong place to cut!!!"
Jason Knipp - Wichita, KS - "I suffer from mental illness. "
Katie Simmons - Americus, KS
Mark Siegmund - Olathe, KS - "We can no longer continue to ignore the mentally ill and traumatized children and adults for the sake of financial security. It's a "pay me now or pay me later" issue for society."
William Hofer - Lenexa, KS - "I have been taking AA meetings to Ossawatomie Hospital for many years. We give our time and money to drive back and forth to KC to try to help. Nobody will see that the patients can get to the meetings. I have known people who have been abused at the Rainbow facility. I would like to see money spent for this funding only if it is better managed. Where is the management for these programs?"
Joan Frazier - Wichita, KS
melissa simpson - topeka, KS
Emma Alexander - Emporia, KS - "Mental health is just as important as physical health "
Jenae Janzen - Newton, KS
Loretta Bills - Mission, KS
Roy Martinez - Garden City, KS - "Many of America's tragedies stem from lack of adequate mental health care. Mental health care is not only beneficial, but important for those who need it. "
Steven Edwards - Emporia, KS
James Brann - Overland Park, KS - "Please support the restoration of the funding for Community Mental Health Centers. If timely care isn't afforded the mentally ill they likely turn to drugs to self medicate and end up in jail. Our jails are full of the mentally ill which is exacerbating their problem and society problems."
William Brann - Topeka, KS, KS - "Please support Community Mental Health Centers"
Linda Steele - OVERLAND PARK, KS
Cameron Taylor - Topeka, KS
Marcia Weeks - Pittsburg, KS
Judith Bond - Shawnee , KS
Christina Fishback - Fort Leavenworth , KS
Janna Bruenger - Topeka, KS - "As a student social worker, I am well aware of the importance of mental health parity in service. While people are concerned with putting out fires where cost is concerned, and that is the status quo, more prudent planning by spending this money now would save money later and certainly be just for those left without adequate mental health services."
Rhiannon Miller - Wichita, KS