Protect Public Education Funding

Don't allow the Legislature to shirk its responsibility to adequately fund Kansas schools.

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We the undersigned agree,

I oppose SCR1608. The Kansas Legislature must not shirk its commitment to adequately fund public education by removing the court's authority to enforce the "suitable provision for finance of... education". The current Kansas constitution clearly reflects the values of Kansans - we don't need to change it to allow the legislature to underfund education.


In a 27-13 vote, Senate passed SCR1608. It is now headed to the House.

Senator Hensley said it best:

"The commitment to education being a fundamental right was placed in the Kansas constitution at the beginning of our statehood. It was amended in 1966 by the people of Kansas to read, "The legislature shall make suitable provision for finance of the education interest of the state."

Since 1966, the Kansas system has worked extremely well. Measures of educational attainment have steadily increased. Kansas ranks among the top states in education not just in our region, but nationally. While the cost of providing this system has increased, the level of funding from the state has fallen behind.

The legislature is certainly able to make decisions about whether to fully fund the current school finance formula each year. However, when the Legislature fails to provide for a suitable education for Kansas children, the people of Kansas must have an avenue for relief. That relief is the Kansas court system."

June Gladden - Nickerson, KS - "Our Kansas kids (all of them) deserve the best education we can provide. Our grandparents built beautiful buildings at personal sacrifice and did their best to make our schools relevant. Now it is our turn to provide education in the technological age with the tools they need in today's world."
Deena Burnett - Wichita, KS
Joan Ratzlaff - Salina, KS
Jake Lowen - Lawrence, KS - "It is reprehensible that the Kansas House is considering eliminating court oversight of public education funding. This will only harm the quality of education in Kansas."
Kristie Adair - LAWRENCE, KS
Sheila Harte-Dmitriev - Lawrence, KS
Jeff Wicks - Wichita, KS
John Williamson - Lawrence, KS
Virginia Williamson - Lawrence, KS
Randy Mousley - Wichita, KS - "We have 3 branches of government for a reason. It is the responsibility of the judicial branch to interpret laws enacted by the legislature. Just because the legislature cannot do its job correctly does not mean the judicial branch is activist. This amendment, if passed, will ruin Kansas. Putting this on the primary ballot is just another sign it is just another power grab by Brownback and his corporate masters. Vote no."
Roger Beach - Tonganoxie, KS
Theresa Martin - Lawrence, KS - "Please do not sign this bill. We Kansans have an obligation to fund public schools, and if the legislature won't do it, then there needs to be court oversight. That's what "checks and balances" mean. It can never be good for Kansas to eliminate those checks and balances."
Heather Duris - Lawrence, KS
Bruce Tunnell - Topeka, KS
Colin Curtis - Kansas City, KS
Maria Rios - Kansas City, KS
Randall Cruse - Lake Quivira, KS - "Quality public schools that provided all Kansans with a solid foundation to successfully enter the world and provide a better life for their children has been a source of pride for our state. Do not let the dreams of our next generation be any less important. "
Evelyn Davis - Wakarusa, KS - "Our courts are part of the checks and balances to keep any one branch of government from running amuck. SCR 1608 is a power grab to avoid funding education adequately and is a horrible piece of legislation."
Michael Czerniewski - Overland Park, KS - "One further note: climate change is real. Trying to legislate green energy efforts out of existence is not going to change that reality."
Clint Kinnamon - St. John, KS - "Our children are the future of our state. Please stop short-changing their education!"
Robert Bausch - topeka, KS
GR Gordon-Ross - Lawrence, KS
Margaret Schimmels - OLATHE, KS
Claudean McKellips - Lawrence, KS - "I want Kansas legislation that supports Kansas kids, not out-of-state, moneyed interests."
Vanessa Sanburn - Lawrence, KS - "Kansans are proud of the quality of our public schools. We can not continue to cut funding and expect this to continue. We must invest in public schools to invest in the future of our state! "
Leslie Tomita - Lenexa, KS
Robert Gainer - Wichita, KS
Kendra Pittman - Lawrence, KS
Geri Simon - Manhattan, KS
Nadia Sanburn - Lawrence, KS - " I am a student and I care about quality education!"
Nicholas Levendofsky - COURTLAND, KS
Cynthia Carr - LaHarpe, KS
Maggie Iuen - Wichita, KS
Sylvie Rueff - Lawrence, KS - "It seems this amendment would conflict with the principle of a three-pronged government that is the foundation of the United States' government. With the executive and legislative branches seemingly bought and paid for by special interests, a brave judiciary is all that saves us from being the serfs of big money. Kansas used to have one of the best public education systems in the country. If you believe people with money are inherently smarter, and, therefore, the only ones whose children should enjoy the best educational opportunities, then this is the bill for you. But, if your portfolio is worth less than $50 million dollars, you are kidding yourself if you think this will not have a negative affect on you and your family. Please, don't eliminate the checks and balances regarding our citizens' right to a public supported education system. Thank you. Sylvie Rueff "
Atalie Tompkins - Abilene, KS - "so many mandates in place this year and SO much more time for teachers to plan and test. We need more funds, not less!"
Juanita Carlson - Lawrence, KS
Theresa Rose - Salina, KS - "If Mr. Brownback wants to encourage workers to come to Kansas and STAY, then he needs to put the money where it counts. Good public education IS a fundamental right. "
Janis Pool - Lawrence, KS - "My kids are grown. But I want young people to be educated and I am Willing to provide that through taxes. Please represent ME."
Jeffrey Sykes - Lenexa, KS
Timothy Franta - Towanda, KS
Bridget Seemann - Junction City, KS
June Gladden Gladden - Nickerson,, KS - "Education is the one tool that societies provide that allows the population to develop to its full potential. Every child is a gift from God. The responsibility of the state is to provide equal opportunities for all children. We cannot in good conscience allow children in rural areas, economically depressed districts to miss out on advanced classes, on being able to use up to date technology because their schools have run out of money. Even more serious is the problem of larger and larger classes with less support. Schools are mandated to teach every student even though many have severe disabilities. When those students are present in large classes without aides or support staff the teacher is faced with a no win situation as she/he attempts to teach to pass the test. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Legislature, I am a third generation teacher. I graduated from a country school and went on to teach for 30 years. In the 50 years since I began teaching the subject matter has become much more complex and difficult. In 1948 we were teaching unlike fractions at 6th grade, percents at 7th or 8th grade. Now the TEST requires that fouth graders master the concept of unlike fractions. Percents at 4th and 5th grade. Concepts like alliteration are included in the TEST at 3rd grade level. Irony and sarcasm are expected at 4th grade. Folks, I wonder sometimes if we have thrown out the concept of teaching to the child at his level. You ask all of this will fewer and fewer resources and more students to handle. Do the math. If I have 35 children in my classroom then each child in 35 minute class can get less than one minute of my personal time. That is if Judy isn't having a diabetic low, Sam isn't acting out because his parents were fighting. Lori doesn't have her asthma meds and Joe is sleeping because he went to his brother;s game last night. You get the picture. The teacher is pulling the wagon filled with problems from home, too many students, not enough staff, unreasonable test expectations and a hostile legislature and governer. In spite of it all your Kansas teachers do an awesome job. In the name of all that is right. SUPPORT THEM. "
Deb McManus - Wamego , KS
Dinah Sykes - Overland Park, KS
Adina Morse - Lawrence, KS
Doretta Braden - Topeka, KS - "It would be a HUGE mistake to put public education funding entirely in the hands of politicians!!!"
Nikki Kennedy - Overland Park, KS
Harley Kennedy - Overland Park, KS
Julie Brin - Park City, KS - "Education is the foundation of absolutely everything ( business, politics, economic status, etc.): rverything you value. You must do everything in your power to enhance educational opportunities for all of your constituents, to make our communities, state, and country stronger. Please help put Kansas on the national news as a leader -- not a laughingstock -- for once."
Shea Zellweger - Lenexa, KS
Julia Soptic - Kansas City, KS
Rich Cook - Prairie Village, KS
Darrell Yochim - Kansas CITY, KS
Stan Chapman - Wichita, KS - "When you run of all of the teachers and no one will be a teacher what will the State of Kansas do?"
David Burress - Lawrence, KS
robert storer - solomon, KS - "Why are the Koch Bros. scared of an educated Kansas ?"
Jason Coon - Overland Park, KS
Ashlie Dryden - Olathe, KS
Jerry Jost - Lawrence, KS - "Suitable funding for our public schools is very important."
Jerry Jost - Lawrence, KS
thomas maxey - salina, KS
Beth Breitenstein - Lawrencec, KS
Lindsay Buck - Lawrence, KS - "As a taxpayer, I support funding public education in Kansas."
Paul Crawford - Topeka, KS
Anthony Schmitt - Salina, KS - "Vote no SCR1608"
Vanesa Avara - Manhattan, KS - "Our future rests on our children's educations!! "
Denise Harris - Wichita, KS - "Please protect public education. It is not only right for kids it is an industry with working women and men who could get better jobs but they care too much for our future generation. "
Jonathan Jost - Olathe, KS
Michelle Needham - Lawrence, KS
Don Wigger - leawood, KS - "Fund education "
Mark Wiebe - Roeland Park, KS
NANCY TOMPKINS - TOPEKA, KS - "Don't shortchange our children on education!"
Gary Brunk - Lawrence, KS
Emily Eakes - Lawrence, KS
Mark Farr - Nickerson, KS - "It's time to stop the attacks on education and Kansas working families!"
Max Eulert - Ellis, KS - "You want businesses to move to Kansas but you want Kansans to be too dumb to hire? You are shooting yourself in the foot."
Amanda Voth - Manhattan, KS
Alan Bruemmer - Wichita, KS
Brad Boerger - Lawrence, KS
Debi Ellis - Hutchinson, KS
Jennifer Jarrell - Leawood, KS
Linda Brungardt - Milford, KS
Laura Wywadis - Topeka, KS - "This is a short term solution that creates a long term problem. As a taxpayer, I WANT my money to go towards education. What kind of example are we setting for our children in Kansas, and our children's children, if we allow our system to be circumvented for the benefit of the few, not the many? Everything we do should be for the future, for bettering Kansas. It should NOT be making larger problems for the future generations to fix."
Charles Menghini - Lawrence, KS
Kate Pommerenke - Manhattan, KS - "Protect and provide for our future, don't cut it!"
Lynn Butler - Manhattan, KS - "Leave education funding alone, please."
Leonard Allen - Topeka, KS - "Stop trying to give the rich tax breaks at the expense of our children's future."
jeremy gibson - topeka, KS - "It's a sad day when two branches of governance (executive and legislative), become involved in collusion to change our state's constitution. I urge every red blooded, thinking, American to not only flood our leaders and say no, but begin a grass roots effort to remove those who vote yes from office. "
Kathy Jones - Chanute, KS
Jen Clark - Topeka, KS
Dave Dornbush - Marion, KS
Lori Kiblinger - Chanute, KS - "Please don't do this to our kids and our teachers."
Brady Hanna - Shawnee, KS - "Please help protect our children's future, not strip their education."
Susan Rathert-Todd - Manhattan, KS - "By continuing to underfund education, we are depriving our children and our future. Furthermore, this country was founded on the priniciple of checks and balances. If we are going to do away with that, we can disband the legislature too."
Lori Wagner - Lawrence, KS
Shane Batchelder - WICHITA, KS
David Petersen - Chanute, KS - "Public education is the basis for the future of all student's in Kansas. I hope all those in the Kansas Legislature will not vote for SCR1608. Show Kansan's you do care about education, student's, teacher's and the communities in Kansas. Education belongs to everyone! "
Stephanie Harsin - topeka, KS - "Please stand up for schools, students, and teachers. Funding for schools is one of the chief responsibilities of the legislature. We can't allow the Governor to change the constitution just because they want to shirk that responsibility!"
Shirley harsin - topeka, KS - "We need our schools. When will this craziness end? I just don't understand it."
Stephanie Allen - Topeka, KS
Lori Werth - McPherson, KS
Rose Wasko - Overland Park, KS
Libby Albers - Newton, KS
Martha Oldham - Lawrence, KS
Marion Oborny - Hoisington, KS - "You can't change the law so that you don't have to do your responsibility."
Lisa Deal - Meade, KS - "Changing the law to allow you to do as you see fit is not only fundamentally wrong, but also morally wrong. We must continue to fund education to give our children a chance at a competitive job market; why do you wish to take away the funding that provides that????"
Richard Ellis - Topeka, KS
Mike Bruner - Humboldt, KS
Elizabeth Fehr - Chanute, KS
Victoria Rubottom - Topeka, KS - "Education costs too much money. Why should the legislature spend resources on kids? They don't vote , don't co tribute to campaigns. And most important. Have no value to the Koch brothers. That is the real reason for this push."
Jeremy Larson - Topeka, KS - "There are three branches of government for a reason. This is an inexcusable power grab and must be stopped!"
Sam Kepfield - Hutchinson, KS - "I agree with Senator Hensley. The Court has a vital role in ensuring the Constitutional mandates are met. Depriving it of review is unlawful, and will only lead to more litigation itself."
Michelle Green - Kansas City, KS - "I support better education for Kansas students. They must learn in order for us to be competitive in the global marketplace. It is not acceptable that students graduate who can't read! It's not acceptable that the public school system spends so little to actually educate students."
Nathan McAlister - Hoyt, KS
Marcia Mcphail - Lawrence, KS
Shirley Voran - Cimarron, KS - "I am proud to be an educator and realize the value of education. When funding is not provided for highly qualified teachers, supplies and equipment, less opportunities are available to our students. It is important to support public education because knowledge and skills are what drive our free enterprise system and our economy. "
Deanna Lavery - Spring Hill, KS
Wendi Dozier - Wichita, KS
Linda Raner - Shawnee, KS
Erin Pelz - Wichita, KS
William McCarter - Topeka, KS - "I have several concerns on the direction in which the state is currently moving. Trying to privatize and control so many things at once, in my opinion, will not work. It is not a good plan that will give ALL Kansans a chance to prosper. As it is now the govenors ideas for his experiment will only move money around to "rob Peter to pay Paul" sort of thing. Schools are usually the first to get hit. It's not fair to the children or teachers of this state to lower the quality of education time and time again. It should not be up to the legislative branch to have full control of educational finances. Keep the Kansas Supreme court in the mix. "
Sue Bolley - Topeka, KS - "There are so many challenges we must tackle every day in public schools. We need your help not your attacks. Please help us. "
Janet Reynolds - Merriam, KS - "This nonsense has GOT to stop! Adequately fund education!"
Wayne White - Scranton, KS - "I do not want to tax payers to fund vouchers for private education. "
Robert Leiter - Wichita, KS
Lewis Whitson - Emporia, KS - ""A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." - James Madison letter 1822 Kansas education is detrimental to a better society in Kansas. That will not happen with our Legislature in complete control of education finance."
Martha McMurphy - Emporia, KS
David Rebant - Sabetha, KS - "Checks and balances are there for a reason."
Joel Varndell - Chanute, KS
Leann Garcia - Emporia, KS
Jane Kelley - Emporia, KS
Ronald Rice - Fredonia, KS
Tina Huntsinger - Olathe, KS
Shanda Day - Wichita, KS
Marie Walker - Chanute, KS
Madina Salaty - Lawrence, KS
Tammy Darbyshire - Hartford, KS
M. Jean Darbyshire - Topeka, KS - "Simply put:good education reduces social services needs. "
Phyllis Lambert - Fredonia, KS
Garret Whitson - Shawnee, KS
Nicole Cross - WICHITA, KS - "Education is the only hope for the success of our future, because our children ARE the future. Nurturing intellect and learning via education are the essential keys to instilling the ability to make informed decisions. Every child, regardless of their initial financial lot in life, deserves the full opportunities and benefits of education and it is our innate responsibility as adults to ensure that these are available to them. How dare we be arrogant enough to put a pricetag on the worth of education. Please do not take away the authority of the judicial branch to make decisions, particularly regarding the welfare of our children's minds. The system of checks and balances is and always has been an integral part of our government; it will be a sad day when we allow politicians to begin dismantling these structures. "
Brad Burenheide - Westmoreland, KS
Shelby McNary - Lawrence, KS
Drew Culbertson - Wichita, KS
Joseph Cormack - Lawrence, KS
Jenni Beilman - Andover, KS
Annabelle Payton - Hartford, KS
Jesse Peters - Manhattan, Kansas - "As a social studies teacher I teach about the principles that our federal and state governments operate on. Checks and balances is one of the most important to create a well functioning government. If we let the Kansas legislature remove the judicial branch from imposing limits on the lawmaking body that would only spell disaster. "
Tyler Brown - Manhattan, KS - "Failing to fund public education is failing to serve the people and their future."
Paul Cassity - Hartford, KS
Melissa Peters - Lansing, KS - " Teachers are the heart of our country!! For most kids their teachers are their last hope."
Tyler Dawson - Lawrence, KS
Joyce Whitson - Fredonia, KS - "If Kansas ranks among the top states in education why would any one think it would be a good idea to cut funding for education? It is time we do the right thing and fund education properly. "
J Patrice Cuddy-Lamoree - Olathe, KS - "In-authentic education is not reliable, because it is not valid. Authenticity CANNOT be achieved by, hack, cough, choke, "free" schools for robots on the internet. Shame on SUBSIDY-Sam for trying to sell the future of learning in Kansas to Walmart. Bad public education is SLAVERY. Good public education is Pro-Life in a more honest manifestation than any it has managed to achieve thus far."
Kay McNary - Waterville, KS
Phyllis Wipf - Wichita, KS
Kathy Cook - Shawnee, KS
Jennifer Weaver - Garnett, KS - "Do what is right and support education. "
Nadine Smith - Mankato, KS
Susan Mohn - Shawnee, KS
Karen Siebert - Prairie Village, KS
Kathryn Brogden - Olathe, KS
Ann Baumann - Smith Center, KS - "In a time when education is lauded by the federal government, here in Kansas it is a question as to how much we can cut from education. Unbelievable. Our kids deserve so much more. So, once again we prove that our goverment is not for the people."
Lisa Sage - Topeka, KS
Jim Hays - Rossville, KS
Janeen Axtell - Wichita, KS
Christopher Renner - MAnhattan, KS
Barbara Hancock - Overland Park, KS - "Ignore the misplaced apostrophe in the first line (it's means "it is") - a perfect example of what happens when education is not adequately funded. Cut tax breaks for the wealthy people and corporations. Do not balance the state budget on the backs of school children."
Tamara Ishmael - Lawrence, KS - "NO to SCR1608. Absolutely NO."
Ada Quinn - Overland Park, KS
Andy White - Hays, Kansas - "WE ARE KANSAS. Not La, Miss., Ala., Wyo., or any other state with dreadful K-12 education. Do NOT take us down this path to lower reading rates, lower graduation rates, lower college attendance, etc. The growth that you dream of as 'fiscal conservatives' can only occur with an educated workforce and an adequate infrastructure in OUR state. STOP with the DRACONIAN cuts. Tim Huelskamp you are my representative, (unfortunately), so I am directing these comments to you. Please share with your like wrong-minded representatives. LISTEN to the real people, not companies that are supposed to magically open up shop in Kansas if you give them everything they want. Your types speak of dependency. Well, who's dependent if these fairy companies get tax breaks on the back of KANSANS. Hopefully food for thought to be considered by you and your colleagues. I pray you have an epiphany and realize these realities, and STOP going down the destructive path you are 'leading' this great state of Kansas. AW"
Charlotte McDonald - Olathe, KS
Martha Stubbs - Olathe, KS
Simone Huls - Lawrence, KS
Steve Spiegel - Formoso, KS
Nyla Romeiser - Salina, KS - "Please provide the children of Kansas the resources they need to become educated productive workers."
Jacqueline Traylor - Olathe, KS
Brenda Bisel-McCarter - Topeka, KS
Emily Hall - Topeka, KS
Julie Erdner - Leawood, KS
Michelle Hecht - leavenworth, KS - "Education is this country's future. There is no better thing to fund in Kansas!"
Ken Kinsey - Prairie Village, KS
Sharon Roland - Emporia, KS
Aaron Wall - Manhattan, KS
Hannah Hecht - Leavenworth, KS
Katharine Barbara Schowen - Lawrence, KS
Katherine Smith - Leawood, KS - "Please fund our schools at the level the courts deem appropriate. A good public education is needed in order to keep our state strong. If the schools weren't so good, we would consider moving to Missouri. Please do not allow secretive political agendas to drive school funding in our state."
Karla Stenzel - Wichita, KS - "As a registered Republican, this nonsense in Topeka needs to stop!"
Luke Snyder - St. John, KS
John Martellaro - Lenexa, KS
Jonathan Coffee - Lawrence, KS
David Churn - Overland Park, KS
Ben Stallings - Emporia, KS
Perry McCabe - Buhler, KS - "The Legislature should stick to things legislative. There is an excellent historical reason for separation of powers!"
Angela Kohls - Manhattan, KS
Jacob Whitson - Thayer, KS
Nancy Cadwell - Mulvane, KS
Virgnia Dowell - Topeka, KS
Jacob Kipp - Lawrence, KS - "Sinc ethe founding of this state there has been a social contract for quality public educaton as the foundation for effective citizenship. This bill will gut the constitution and undermine tha tcommitment. It should not pass."
Dana Cole - Olpe, KS
Rachael Gehringer - Lawrence, KS
Chris Gehringer - Lawrence, KS
Lamar Whitson - Fredonia, KS - "Help education for everyone's future. I don't think this is the way to do it."
Janet FitzGerald - Lawrence, KS - "We are currently looking at other states that support a child's right to a good public education. I'd like to see appropriate funds given to our children so that they have the fundamental education needed for a bright future."
Brian Hogsett - Overland Park, KS
Alix Etzel - Lawrence, KS
Aaron Roberts - De Soto, KS
Tammy Ward - sterling, KS
Tiffany Johnson - Prairie Villagr, KS
Carolyn Wilson - Westwood Hills, KS
Mary Sgroi - Prairie Village, KS
Jane Yatsook - Leawood, KS - "As a retired teacher I strongly opposeSCR1608."
Michael Crabb - LEAWOOD, KS
Kathryn Thompsen - Prairie Village, KS
becky Gunn - OVerland park, KS
Lonna Kahn - Prairie Village, KS - "Our children are our future."
Micheline Burger - Olathe, KS - "There is a reason the Kansas Constitution demands "suitable" funding of public education....Kansans, including myself, want the highest quality education for our kids. Do NOT change the Kansas Constitution. Vote NO on SCR1608."
Mark Kass - Overland Park, KS - "Please vote no, because business does not take kindly to a sub-standard educational system in Kansas!!!"
Nancy Wagner - Overland Park, KS - "I oppose SCR1608 as an irresonsible decision that puts our childrens' education at risk. Why are we dismantlilng a system that has increasing helped to put our system near the top? Special interest groups must be at work here. Voters are carefully watching and getting word to others of these types of irresonsible legislation. "
Janet Wikle - Shawnee, KS
Alan Myers - Edwardsville, KS - "I am opposed to SCR1608. I believe that the courts should retain their authority to enforce the Kansas constitutional requirement for the legislature to provide adequate funding for education."
Patricia Stratton - Prairie Village, KS - "I feel the legislature must do everything necessary to fully fund our schools. Perhaps it is time to raise taxes by eliminating a variety of loopholes."
Roberta Eveslage - Lenexa, KS
Dr. Ron Patton - Fairway, KS - "It is interesting that as the Kansas Legislature wishes to tragically underfund public education, they have restricted local school districts from increasing taxes on themselves to fund public education. What grade in a course in Logic would they receive for that way of thinking?"
George A. McCall - Overland Park, KS
Marlys Hankins - Overland Park, KS
Jeanne Grizzle - Shawnee, KS
Anna Jones - Overland Park, KS - "An extraordinary number of people who have received all of their education in the public schools of Kansas have had a positive impact on the fortunes of this nation. Please do not put this tradition in danger. Oppose SCR1608."
Lois Culver - Lenexa, KS - "Excellent public schools will attract businesses to Kansas more than any tax break. I urge not to vote to under fund public education in Kansas. We need to have the checks and balances of the legislature and the courts to assure suitable education for our children--our most precious resource. Lois Culver"
Vicky Howard - Olathe, KS
Terry Forsyth - Lawrence, KS - "It is a basic principle of our founding fathers that an educated electorate is vital for a democratic government to exist. This is another over reach on the part of the current legislature."
Leo Goertz - Prairie Village, KS - "We cannot stop funding our excellent educational system. We need the court's supervision."
Suzanne DeWeese - Alma, KS
Patricka Rogers - Overland Park, KS
Laula Ashley - Fairway, KS
Patricia Rettenmaier - Overland Park, KS
JR and Ruth Majors - Overland Park, KS - "Our Kansas Legislatue must not shirk its commitment to adequately fund public education by removing the court's authority to enforce "suitable finance for education". Our Kansas constitution reflects the values of Kansans , so we don't need to change it!! "
George Tormohlen - Overland Park, KS - "I am deeply distressed at how education is being short-changed. Please help keep the courts involved in providing adequate education for the young people of Kansas."
Lisa Nelson - Overland Park, KS - "This bill is just another piece of the puzzle in the Governor's plan to starve the public schools of necessary funds. The high quality of life in Kansas is due entirely to high quality schools. Since the legislature refuses to appropriately fund the schools (which most of you attended) the courts must have the power to enforce the law. Even if you only care about the bottom line, please understand that without good schools, our prop. values decline, businesses leave, and revenues fall. Please vote NO on SCR1608."
Janet Carmichael - Shawnee, KS
Carol Ellis - Lake Quivira, KS - "Please help keep the good reputation of our public schools intact. We cannot afford to let our public schools decline due to inadequate funding. The Supreme Court has made a ruling and I do not understand why this is not the final one. I have been a teacher and know that the number of students in a classroom does make a difference, especially in the elementary grades. Our communities have already given up enough by closing schools, decreasing the number of counselors and taking away various classes and activities. More and more, I feel that I am no longer living in a state where the people have a voice. PLEASE DO MOT SIGN THIS BILL."
Ritchie Kaye Kaye - Fairway, KS - "The right to finance education is in the best interest of our children."
Dena Sneed - Prairie Village, KS
Shirley Comes-Jeffrey - McPherson, KS
William Wolff - Overland Park, KS
Mary McNeive - Prairie Village, KS - "I strongly oppose SCR1608. Our constitution spells out the legislature's responsibility. Changing the wording is a bad idea. I don't want the legislature be able to underfund our schools."
Rowena Atzenweiler - LEAWOOD, KS - "We have far more confidence in the current courts to protect the high level of education in the state than the legislature. Please do not allow this power grab!"
harold Koch - Leawood, KS - "it is obvious that schools need more funding...solve this problem with that answer..."
Angela Parks - Overland Park, KS
Kristen Kvam - Leawood, KS
Helen Stoll - Lenexa, KS
Julir Cook - Prairie village, KS
Joe McNulty - Gardner, KS - "Kansas has been known for it's good schools. The best way to "grow the economy" is to provide a well educated workforce. Technology is expensive. "
Mary Ann Olson - Overland Park, KS
Sarah Clark - Prairie Village, KS
Libby Schoeni - Overland Park, KS
Randall Klein - Leawood, KS
aletha simon - Overland Park, KS
Ann Ash - Stilwell, KS
Phyllis Green - Leawood, KS
Dixie Wantoch - Overland Park, KS
Linda Buchanan - Wichita, KS
Mary Sinclair - Fairway, KS - "Preserve the quality of our public schools."
Frank Jordan - Abilene, KS
Peggy Stein - Dodge City,, KS - "Changing the Kansas constitution in funding public education is a disgrace to all Kansans. Your actions will have a huge negative impact on children! Don't you care about children, or do you care about dollars more?"
Rita Clifford - Overland Park, KS
Lindy Duree - Dodge City, KS - "We need the checks and balance that this law will distroy. Please vote no."
Wayne Fick - Overland Park,, KS
Peggy Werle - Shawnee, KS
Debra Rubin - Leawood, KS
Victoria Luhrs - ROELAND PARK, KS - "As a public school teacher working with at risk students, I am concerned that the legislators are making decisions recklessly without considering the needs of our students. It reflects a power struggle and an overly conservative agenda that does not attend to our students' needs."
Frances & Bill Lynn - Prairie Village,, KS
Paula Schwach - Westwood Hills, KS - "I know that taking stances at odds with the administration when you and the Governor are of the same party requires real strength of character, but because you understand and care about school age children, I am convinced you will oppose SCR 1608."
robert graham - overland park, KS
Kathleen Beach - Dodge City, KS
Dee Bell - Overland Park, KS - "If we don't have excellent schools we will not be able to attract good jobs to Kansas. Keep our schools strong."
Karen MacGee - Overland Park, KS
Beverly MCGill - Lenexa, KS
Lauren Luhrs - OVERLAND PARK, KS
Kay Jones - Prairie Village, KS - "Please fund public education in Kansas. That is the main reason why people like to live here. "
Sandra Sanchez - Roeland Park, KS
Donna Ziegenhorn - FAirway, KS
Leslie Herring - Mission, KS
Ethel Peterson - Dodge City, KS - "Brian---I hope we can count on your vote in opposition to this resolution. It is not thoroughly thought out and will do lots more harm than some confused new legislators think can help. It will take years to undo the damage it can cause. Please vote against it...and try to encourage others to do likewise."
Mary Cavenee - OVERLAND PARK, KS
Debbie Whitson - Thayer, KS
Ashley Flinn - Manhattan, KS
Mary Pantle - Wichita, KS
Jessica Lynn - Prairie Village, KS
Mike Rose - Lindsborg, KS
Shelby Lolley - Manhattan, KS
Anna Archibald - Neodesha, KS
David Hinton - Hiawatha, KS
Jennifer Weishaar - Lawrence, KS
Alyssa Marr - Arkansas City, KS
Molly Karleskint - Fort Scott, KS
Tamara Hinton - morrill, KS
William Rogers - Pretty Prairie, KS
mandy simpson - Hiawatha, KS - " republicans are determined on dumbing down our children. I can't wait to vote you all out of Kansas Legislation. I am guessing you have all been bought off by the Koch Brothers considering most of you are members of the tea party. It's just a matter of time before you are all exploited. I support public schooling for my children, their teachers and for furure generations. This bill if approved will destroy our schools. It is unconstitutional what you corperate puppets are trying to do to this state!"
Joey Simpson - Hiawatha, KS
Cheyenne Deines - Manhattan, KS
Zachary Lee - Roeland Park, KS
Jessica Falcone - Manhattan, KS
Janet Edwards - Chapman, KS
David Klish - Derby, KS - "Do the right thing. All of our future are in the hands of our children. How can you, in good conscious, vote for something that will very likely be detrimental to your own future? It is NOT optional to adequately fund public education in Kansas. "
Josie Nixon - Lawrence, KS
Kathy Rundell - Derby, KS
Kelly LeClair - Mulvane, KS
Heather Lawrenz - Eudora, KS
Christopher Cooksey - Hays, KS
Deb Zila - Overland Park, KS - "Please to do not shirk your constitutional duty to fund public education!!!! The education of our children in Kansas is the future of our state!"
Vanessa Compton - Fredonia, KS
Ruth Rowlands - Manhattan, KS
Terry Johnson - Wichita, KS
Jeri Hill-Harder - Claflin, KS
Beth Koon - Overland Park, KS
Darrel Kohlman - Seneca, KS
David Warren - Leawood, KS
Cathy McGinty - Wichita, KS
John Zerener - Winfield, KS - "I oppose giving huge tax breaks to millionaires at the expense of our public education system."
Katie Simmons - Americus, KS
Jamie Heller - Lenexa, KS - "We make our country and our state stornger by educating its citizens to the best of our abilities. "
Jami Cole - Overland Park, KS
Nathanael Wold - Elmdale, KS
Steven Edwards - Emporia, KS
Sonya Butler - Leawood, KS
Traer Galyean - Prairie Village, KS
Traci Nigg - Wichita, KS - "Education builds futures. We have high academic expectations of our students and we need the financial support to insure they are successful and reduce drop out rates despite rigorous curriculum and increasing environmental and internal challenges. Our children need our support and it is our job to be sure they are spoken for. "
Amy Mohr - Wichita, KS
Lynlee Weber - Wichita , KS
Julie McEathron - Lawrence, KS
Katie Cable - overland park, KS - "Please protect school funding so our future can have a meaningful education!"
Bailey Blair - Bel Aire, KS
Jessica Blumer - Wichita, KS
Fredric Goering - Andover, KS - "We the undersigned agree, I oppose SCR1608. The Kansas Legislature must not shirk its commitment to adequately fund public education by removing the court's authority to enforce the "suitable provision for finance of... education". The current Kansas constitution clearly reflects the values of Kansans - we don't need to change it to allow the legislature to underfund education. "
Mandy Fincham - Beloit, KS - "The worst form of black mail-more funding ONLY if we can make you feel LESS secure in your job. Perfect, Kansas."
Chris Kirkpatrick - Hutchinson, KS - "I can't remember a time when I've been so ashamed of Kansas leaders. This is appalling and needs to be corrected immediately!"
Angela Stout - South Hutchinson, KS - "Not every child learns the same and with that being said my son is in the 5th grade and is not doing very well the school will not put him on a IEP due to there are already to many child on IEPs so my child is going to be one that falls threw the cracks!!!!!! We need more help in the the class rooms for our children !!!! One teacher can't not teach 25-30 children in a class!!! Not far to them and not far to our children. Maybe u should teach a class and see how hard it is!!! "
Thomas Montgomery - Wichita, KS - "Fund education now or pay for more prisons in the future. Educating our children is the only smart choice. "