Expand Medicaid in Kansas

Healthier People, Healthier Workforce, Healthier State.

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Kansas legislators, the power to fundamentally change the health care system in our state is in your hands. By expanding Medicaid, low-income Kansans will have access to health coverage, and there is potential to undo the profound health disparities in our state. As it currently stands, uninsured Kansans are far likelier to develop serious health complications or die younger from disease that are too often preventable. By gaining health insurance through Medicaid, we would add health coverage for as many as 100,000 Kansans within five years who otherwise would remain uninsured. We urge Gov. Brownback and the Kansas State Legislature to implement the Medicaid Expansion so that all of our state can remain healthy and strong.


Kansas has the option expand the Medicaid program. This expansion would cover every Kansan up to 138% of Federal Poverty. This is $32,499 annual income for a family of 4, or $15,856 for a single person. The federal government will cover all of the expense of adding this new population into the system for the first 3 years, then their match will be gradually reduced to 90%. This will bring health coverage to about 100,000 Kansans that are currently uninsured, many of who will fall into a gap between current Medicaid eligibility and eligibility for an insurance subsidy on the new healthcare exchange. Currently Kansans are seeing their hard earned dollars going to other states to participate in this program and the time is now for us to have Kansas dollars stay in Kansas to help our own.