Don't Let Doctors Lie!

SB142 would let doctors lie to their patients

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We the undersigned agree,

I oppose SB142. This bill would allow doctors to purposefully withhold medical information about serious issues with a pregnancy in order to influence their patients' decisions. It is an invitation to doctors to violate their Hippocratic Oath, and erodes confidence in the doctor/patient relationship. Kansans do not want or need this legislation, and I ask you to vote against it.


SB142 is a piece of legislation that was included in last year's 73-page "Omnibus" abortion bill. It was carved out and put into its own bill this year because it was so egregious.

Section 1 (a) defines and prohibits civil action for a claim of “wrongful life” or “wrongful birth” and would allow for a medical practitioner to purposefully keep information about serious genetic or congenital abnormalities from women in an attempt to influence their decision making about their pregnancy.

This bill allows doctors to keep patients from making informed decisions about pregnancies, and keeps families from being able to fully prepare for their child's future condition so they can be the best parents they can be.

Legislation that lets doctors lie is strongly opposed across the country. Nationwide polling last year reveals that 78% of Americans oppose legislation like SB142.

Whether or not to have an abortion is an intensely personal, complicated decision, that must be made by a woman, her family, and her faith. This bill is an unwanted government intrusion into Kansans' lives, and is a distraction from policies that Kansans do need, like those that provide excellent education, good jobs, and accessible and affordable health care.

ANNE PRITCHETT - Overland Park, KS - "This is just outrageous. Please vote NO on this bill. "
Elise Higgins - Lawrence, KS - "Thank you for your opposition to this bill!"
Sharon Smith - Overland Park, KS
Kate McLaury - Roeland Park, KS - "The truth and confidence shared by doctor patient presents the framework for that interaction. The Hippocratic oath speaks to that honesty ad call for acting in the patient's best interest. That shared information allows each to make a well informed decision. "
Claudean McKellips - Lawrence, KS
Marcia Storer - solomon, KS - "I expect honesty from my doctor; too bad I can't expect the same from my Legislator !"
Paula Frankel - Prairie Village, KS
Jeff Wicks - Wichita, KS
Tobias Fritz - Prairie Village, KS - "Let doctors and patients decide these very personal and private issues. "
Timothy Snow - Wichita, KS - "Do the what your head tells you Vote no onSB142"
Terri Springer - Overland park, KS - "Stupid and immoral."
Jill Anderson - Lenexa, KS - "SB142 meets the definition of malpractice. It is unethical to withhold medical information for ANY issue."
Elizabeth Dickinson - Lenexa, KS - "House Bill 2598 was tabled for a reason last year. The gutting of that bill and recreation of it in this one is a direct undermining of what Kansas women want. This bill not only writes into legislation that 'women are not to be trusted making their own decisions' but violates the rights of families in Kansas from the Oklahoma to the Nebraska border. Women in Kansas will not stand for such disrespect."
Christina Lueth - Shawnee, KS - "This is so horrible I can't even believe it. what are they thinking!"
Jami Hamilton - Overland Park, KS - "I want the government to stay out of my health care decisions and my body!"
Judy Smith - Ogden, KS
Cathy Burchett - Overland Park, KS - "Stop practicing medicine without a license! NO ONE in the legislature is qualified to make these types of medical decisions for doctors and women!"
Megan Wooten - Merriam, KS - "Please don't support this measure that clearly is harmful to women's health care. "
olivia kemp - topeka, KS
Janice Bradley - Wichita, KS
Shelby McCartney - Olathe, KS
Karen Kolavalli - El Dorado, KS
Doug Ittner - Wichita, KS
Jennifer Schermerhorn - Wamego, KS - "A doctor who hides anything about the health of an unborn child from its parents is engaging in gross malpractice and should be stripped of their license. I don't care how anyone feels about abortion, hiding medical issues from parents who need to plan and discuss the future is horribly, horribly wrong and shameful."
Dave Parsons - sedan, KS - "Could we please recognize Roe vs Wade"
Robyn Rexroat - Topeka, KS
Brigette Hayes - Topeka, KS
Victoria Smith - Mcpherson, KS
Renae Autrey - Wichita, KS - "No doctor should be allowed to purposefully withhold medical information for ANY issue. This is malpractice. This is NOT an issue for Kansas legislature to be wasting their time and taxpayers money on."
Elizabeth Carson - Wichita, KS
Diana Poquette - Kansas City, KS
Vickie Stangl - Andover, KS - "Kansas government has become the most invasive and over regulated monster when it comes to women's healthcare. This bill is ridiculous in promoting dangerous health risks for women while protecting doctors who do not uphold their oath to "do no harm". SB 142 is not just callous, but outrageous in the idea that women need to be lied to in order to make sure a sick and seriously abnormal child is forced into this world and disregarding the wishes of the parents. Kansas sounds more and more like a communist state. This bill is unconstitutional and will be challenged if the legislature passes such a bad law. Every legislator who does vote for this should be sued as well for sheer stupidity. "
William Leifer - Wakarusa, KS - "This is an outrage. As a retired physician, how can the legislature even suggest any bill that authorizes any physician to be less than radically honest with a patient? I simply cannot believe this. This is insane. It even violates a doctor's hippocratic oath. This must be stopped."
Kat Youtsey - Abilene, KS - "Women deserve the right to knowledge that will drastically affect the rest of their lives and the dignity of not only having fair treatment and honest information, but also trust in their ability to know their situation and the best decision for themselves. This is a blatant control of women's lives and deestimation of their intelligence and decision-making skills. Interfering with these processes is the best example of the "big government" so desperately advocated against, yet continually waged against women."
Kelsey Longpine - Clifton, KS - "Honesty should be required of all doctors, regardless of the circumstances. "
Shannon Moore - Wichita, KS - "You've legislated that a woman who wants a first-trimester abortion must receive counseling, an ultrasound and a detailed description of the embryo first. You've called it protection for women so that they have "informed consent" beforehand and yet SB142 is the complete opposite. Women and their families deserve ALL the medical information available in order to truly be able to make their medical decisions based on informed consent. You can't selectively apply the concept depending on whether or not you approve of the medical treatment they MIGHT seek if they're told the truth about their medical condition."
Haley Miller - Lawrence, KS
Dr. Elmo M. Davis - Wichita,, KS
Joy Cabe - Overland Park, KS - "What a travesty! What is this going to come to? As a woman that we can not trust anyone but ourselves? "
Jennifer King - Lawrence, KS
Alexis Greb - Lawrence, KS - "What doctors support this bill? I didn't realize that the Kansas legislature's job is to allow/encourage highly-regarded professionals to engage in gross malpractice without protecting the patient and her rights. If there exists such a deep personal conflict for that doctor to purposely withhold information, then he or she is already in the wrong specialty/field. This is not in any way a productive bill--it's a waste of taxpayer money and will end up ruining doctor/patient relationships in the process. "
Jennifer Pearson - Wichita, KS
melissa sullivan - overland park, KS
Kristen Efurd - Lawrence, KS
Johni Lacore - Lawrence, KS
Carole Trapp - Wichita, KS - "I cannot believe we are still dealing with this. Stop the hatred towards women. "
amanda schulze - lawrence, KS - "Doctors are healers, not liars. "
KAREN SANDERS-WEST - Wichita, KS - "I'd like to believe my input has some weight with "my representatives" & I use the term loosely. Unfortunately, I know that is not the case. The legislature is bound & determined to tell women what they can do with their health, even if it means forcing doctors to lie to them. Nonetheless, I am expressing my strong opposition to SB 142."
Aubrey Hood - Lawrence, KS
Cathlyn Unruh - Lawrence, KS - "Would we stand for a bill that authorized doctors to lie to men about anything having to do with their health? Women are entitled to honest, fair and equal treatment as humans in the state of Kansas and in the United States of America. Don't take us back to the dark ages to promote your pro-life agenda!"
Corey Swertfager - Wichita, KS
Zoe Bartlett - Emporia, KS - "Doctors PURPOSELY lying to their patients? You have to be out of your damn mind! "
Angela Rayfield - Overland Park, KS - "'Informed consent' has been a legal standard in civil actions for years. Depending on the circumstances alleged, it is a defense against malpractice claims. And yet, the Kansas legislature is now considering a bill to turn that upside down. Informed consent is no longer the standard; instead, doctors would be allowed to substitute their own personal opinions or religious views in place of the patient's concerns. But only for one group of patients - women. And only regarding one medical condition - pregnancy. If you truly believe that the doctor always knows best, and can determine the best course without input from the patient, if you truly believe that the best way to protect the medical profession is to make it legally permissable for a doctor to lie to his/her patient about their condition, their options, and the possible outcomes, then why doesn't this legislation make it an across-the-board legal defense? Why is it reasonable to allow doctors to lie to one set of patients about one medical condition, while requiring informed consent at all other times? "
Jacque Rinker - McPherson, KS
Lynda Scheele - Abilene, KS - "enough already!!"
Bethany Bailey - Kingman, KS - "If a doctor were to withhold information in any other situation, it would be considered absolutely appalling. However, in the case of a woman's pregnancy, it's seen as an obligation. This is disgusting and absurd. Please treat women as if they were competent persons capable of making their own decisions about their own health. "
Beverly J Darby - Kansas City, KS - "I am truly tired of all the lies that trick people into doing. Please the people want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in our government, abroad, our homes, schools and all around our lives. So please stop telling lies and making people lie to get jobs done."
Janet Carmichael - Shawnee, KS
cheryl riley - Potwin, KS - "What an insult! Unbelievable in this day and age! Why are these lawmakers advocating more growth of an already-too-huge government? "
Susan Schoket - Wichita, KS - "I can not believe that I am having to sign a petition for this - it is not your job to legislate my health care. Do your job and leave personal relationships between our doctors and patients alone. "
Timothy Hooten Jr. - Wichita, KS
Marsha Powell - Wichita, KS
P S Henry - Overland Park, KS
Marla Patrick - Lindsborg, KS
Susan Fowler - Emporia, KS - "This doesn't sound like "small government" to me."
Michelle Pawlak - Haysville, KS - "I deserve the right to know what my doctor knows about my body. I have the right to make my decisions off of the information I have. I deserve to be treated fairly and equally. I deserve to be treated as a human. I deserve to be treated as all genders should be,with respect. My body my choice. My body is not your body and you don't get to make my decisions. "
Gemma Lawrence - Anthony, KS - "Woman have a right to full information about the fetus they are carrying. Do you not see that this bill could lead to real murders after the baby is born because the parents weren't given the option to prepare for the child's condition? "
Katherine Mohlstrom - Winfield, KS - "State Government or any Government has no business in my doctor's office. I do not want any medical information withheld from me or any other woman. This bill would cause doctors to violate their Hippocratic Oath and erode confidence in the doctor/patient relationship. Kansans do not want this. Please vote against this. "
Aimee Patton - Fairway, KS
Cheryl Mayo - Pittsburg, KS - "Thank you for standing up and opposing this bill."
Donald Caruzzi - Wichita, KS
Stuart Johnson - Wichita, KS
Viv Mag - Topeka, KS
christen skaer - Wichita, KS - "I can't imagine anyone could vote to allow Drs to mislead patients. Please do not support this bill. "
Sammy Lambrechtse - Wichita, KS - "Government has no legetiment reason to intrude between a woman and her doctor."
Paul Jefferson - Lawrence, KS
Rebecca Howlett - Kansas City, KS
Emma Halling - Lawrence, KS - "Deliberately withholding information from women to force them to continue a pregnancy is absolutely immoral and abhorrent. It strips women of their basic civil right to control of their own bodies."
Samantha McGraw - Manhattan, KS - "Isn't it a woman's right to know that her child may have certain genetic or congenital abnormalities? A woman has a right to know and to choose. Please do not legislate morality. Our country was founded on freedom. Purposefully providing incorrect information about a pregnancy is perpetuating oppression toward women by removing their access to information concerning their own bodies. "
Donna Rowe - Salina, KS
brooke saathoff - Cherokee, KS - "A woman is not a child! This is another technique to manipulate an outcome beyond an adult's personal choice! How dare you think that the gov't know's better!"
Katherine Gwynn - Olathe, KS
Christina Williams - Lawrence, KS
Michael Caddell - Nortonville, KS - "The Kansas Board of Healing Arts jerked the license of Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus because she kept incomplete records and didn't place her signature on each page. She countered that the state and it's agents systematically violated her patients' privacy and did in fact do so in providing the records to Bill O'Reilly. Now the state legislature seeks to protect doctors to lie about the risk of fetal anomalies to the expectant woman, in order to prevent an abortion. This will attract business to Kansas, every religious quack, snake oil salesman and demon hunting shaman will land here in "tax free" Brownbackistan."
Rachel Ayers - El dorado, KS - "I don't want my doctor to be legally able to lie to me. How can that possibly be an ethical choice? Regardless of the health issue in question, patients deserve all the information when they are making ANY kind of health decision. Help us make better, more informed decisions, not decisions based on ignorance and manipulation."
Toni Taylor - Berryton, KS
Caitlin Thornbrugh - Lawrence, KS 66215, KS - "We need to trust women! "
Lauren Hoffhines - Kansas City, KS
Anne Welsbacher - Wichita, KS - "Politicians are not doctors and have no authority to make medical decisions. This bill would deliberately thwart medical treatment and endanger luves. Vote to kill SB142."
Sarah Gregory - Olathe, KS
Chris Jensen - El Dorado, KS - "This is not the dark ages. There is no reason for this bill to pass and to let it would be a step backward for personal freedoms."
Jamie Deneau - Wichita, KS
Janet Allen - Shawnee, KS
hannah johns - moline, KS - "this violates the doctor/patient relationship."
Ashley Montgomery - Mission, KS
Rhoda Weatherall - Wichita, KS
amanda williams - topeka, KS
Mary Heim - Russell, KS
Carol Garriott - El Dorado, KS
Rachel Head - Emporia, KS
Kathryn Land - Lawrence, KS
Judith Wartman - Ingalls, KS - "Do not let this pass Mr. Love. The oath our doctors take demands they be truthful! AND, please, stay out of my uterus and out of my doctors office. Your children are healthy and you have NEVER sat with parents of a Tay Sach baby as it withered in pain and died knowing nothing but pain. Medical science can prevent the normal process of miscarriage. You have NO business in the doctors office nor do you have business legislating my medical rights and the knowledge I should receive from my Physician. If you legislate more punishment toward women's reproductive rights then add this one: All women who leave the state of Kansas who are of child bearing age must have a pregnancy test upon leaving the state and upon re-entry. They shall be punished according to XYZ, All you are legislating is the right of the rich to get a safe abortion in another state or country and sending the poor back to the alley. You are no old enough to have seen pre Roe v Wade. I am and it was horrid! The rich got suntans and the poor got mutilated! take that one to bed with you Mr. Love...oops I forgot and apologize it is Senator Love."
Andrew Leigh - Emporia, KS - "Patients need to be able to talk openly with their doctors. Legislation like this can only cause harm."
Leola Russell - Wichita, KS - "It is very important that a woman's right to determine her reproductive rights be retained. It should not be taken away with legislation that undermines Roe Vs. Wade."
Beverley Worster - Lawrence, KS
Melissa Carlson - Overland Park, KS - "KU Barbara Lukert, M.D., Professor of Medicine Emeritus said it best today in the KC Star: "The lack of respect for scientific evidence shown by the Kansas Legislature is no longer laughable. It will cause the state great harm. What agency will award grants for medical research to scientists in a state with such anti-science laws and attitudes? Who will want to come to Kansas for medical education when Kansas law requires them to learn under physicians who are required to lie to their patients?" Read more here: "
Meredith Pavicic - Kansas City, KS - "As a medical student and future physician, I strongly believe that it is the patient's right to be given complete and accurate medical information, and that it is also their right to make an informed, autonomous decision with that information. When patients believe their doctor may be lying to or coercing them, it hurts the doctor/patient relationship and interferes both with the ability of the patient to get the care they deserve and the ability of the physician to have a meaningful dialogue with their patient. As physicians, there are often times that patients do not do what we ourselves would do, and many times they do not follow our advice, but this in no way gives us the right to coerce our patients into making our preferred choices by lying to them. "
Beverly Gunderman - Topeka, KS
Laura Bruce - Prairie Village, KS - "Kansas does not need this kind of legislation, and ask you to vote against it."
barb watkins - Lawrence, KS
Sean Beorn - Wichita, KS - "What we need is help in creating jobs in Kansas, not morality preaching and legislating from the people we put in office."
Diane Wahto - Wichita, KS
Tess Banion - Lawrence, KS - "Please stop this war on the reproductive rights of women, stay strong. "
Allison Ho - Wichita, KS - "As a future provider, I refuse to let this become acceptable or legal behavior. Incomplete information is misinformation. It is the patient's decision, not the provider's."
Josh Dean - Overland Park, KS
Xuexi Chen - Overland Park, KS
Rebecca Williams - Wichita, KS
Jane Wemhoener - Columbus, KS - "The fact this bill was even introduced, much less debated and passed out of commitee is downright scary. Doctors have taken a hippocratic oath.They cannot lie. Republican legislators in this state should be ashamed of themselves. This is NOT what you were sent to Topeka for. Stay out of women's reproductive health.Focus on what you were sent to do- Jobs, fixing the economy worsened by the governor and his backwards thinking schemes. Stay focused on those issues. STAY OUT OF OUR DECISIONS AND WOMBS!!!"
Jaime King - Hays, KS - "This bill is insane! Just another example of our extreme legislature. No wonder people around the rest of our country think Kansas is backwards and backwoods."
Adam Helmer - Emporia, KS
Hilary Palmer - Wichita, KS
Kris Mason - Wichita, KS - "Denying or withholding access to an individual's personal medical information is wrong."
Chloe Seim - salina, KS
Laura Lee - Overland Park, KS
Natasha Kothari - Lawrence, KS - "Voters trust their politicians to make decisions that represent their views. These same voters also have doctors, and they trust them to provide helpful, objective medical advice. SB142 is in direct violation of both kinds of trust--it misplaces the faith placed in legislators by their constituents, and it forces physicians to mislead those who need them most. As a future doctor myself, I cannot imagine keeping such vital, relevant information from my patients, especially in the name of politics."
Michael Pisciotta - Lawrence, KS
Kristen Epp - Ottawa, KS - "The attacks on the fundamental rights of women to make fully informed decisions about their own bodies absolutely must stop. Please vote no on this bill."
Brooke Varnum - Kansas City, KS
Ashley Lucas - Emporia, KS - "I oppose this bill! "
Cassandra Myskiw - Manhattan, KS
Roberta Eveslage - Lenexa, KS
Lindsey Wallace - Lawrence, KS - "I would never lie to my patients and I expect the same care from my own physicians that I have entrusted with my care. Outrageous!"
Karen Rowinsky - Leawood, KS
Austin Schopper - Emporia, KS
Rebecca Swinburne Romine - Lawrence, KS
Kristine Jenkins - Olathe, KS - "Patients have to be able to rely in doctor's for accurate information. Please protect that. "
Jeremey Geihsler - Overland Park, KS
Kelly Floyd - LENEXA, KS
Mike Stithem - Lawrence, KS
Toni Caldwell-Clark - Kansas City, KS
Richard Dickinson - Wakarusa, KS
Mary Coral - Lawrence,, KS
Trenton Nauser, MD - Overland Park, KS
Jennifer Zimmermann - Wichita , KS
Christinia Williams - Olathe, KS
Nick Weiler - Olathe, KS
Roma Earles - Baldwin City, KS
Jessica Humphrey - Olathe, KS - "Doctor-Patient confidentiality goes both ways. I, and every woman, deserve the full and complete truth regarding the state of my health and that of my pregnancy. I alone should be recognized as responsible for my choices and am entitled to all information that pertains to them. A doctor is just a doctor, and not a permanent fixture in my life, and should not be making decisions for me and my life."
Ramona McAdam - Wichita, KS - "Please oppose this bill. Women can handle the truth! "
Diane Jones - Pleasanton, KS
Kathryn DePaolis - Lawrence, KS - "This is absolutely appalling - the possible passage of a bill that allows doctors to withhold critical information from their patients. I cannot tell you how deeply disturbed I am that legislators have the audacity to even introduce such legislation. "
Betsy Blodgett - Kansas City, KS
Nicole Berge - Overland Park, KS
Donna Vennera - Lenexa, KS - "Voter Reg # 5496540"
Charity Lander - Lawrence, KS - "I'm sorry but this bill is wholly inappropriate and against the very tenants of the medical profession. When people can no longer trust their doctors to be honest, they will stop going to doctors which can have drastic ramifications. If doctors are allowed to lie about one medical condition, you have set the precedent that they can lie about any medical condition and be held unaccountable. Imagine how you would feel if your doctor lied to you about prostate cancer or a heart condition. A good attorney will use this bill to prevent doctors from ever being sued for lying to a patient about any condition. If you don't want your doctor to lie to you, why should you sign a bill allowing a doctor to lie for any reason? Honestly, if this bill passes, then I will refuse to have a child while within the borders of KS as I will have to assume my doctor is lying to me at all times. To protect my health my only option will be to deny sexual intercourse to my spouse of 10 yrs, which will make both of us unhappy in the short term, but at least we will know we aren't bringing a child with tay sachs into the world to die in pain and agony. For me that is what this boils down to: if I can't trust that I will bring a child into the world that has a chance at survival, at being healthy, rather than bringing a life into the world that will experience only a short painful life and death before it has a real chance, then I will not procreate. Period. How could you wish suffering on a child? If you are pro-life you must also be concerned with the quality of that life. There are conditions that will only bring early certain pain and death. Making a child suffer that is WRONG. Asking a doctor to commit fraud in order to induce the suffering of a child is horrific. This bill cannot stand."
Margaret Estrin - Overland Park, KS - "With holding information robs the family of time to prepare and oppportunity for research, consultation and testing which may benefit the health of the current and future pregnancies and assumes doctors will scare the patient not support and comfort"
Steve Byrn - LAWRENCE, KS
David Oberdorfer - Bonner Spgs, KS - "This is absolutely the most egregious invasion of the doctor-patient relationship I have ever heard of! Do these lawmakers have no sense of decency whatsoever!!???? This is an abomination & their arrogance, not to mention their supreme stupidity, is astonishing!"
Earl Lee - Pittsburg, KS
Seth Coleman - Shawnee, KS - "Terrible idea. Please vote no."
James Calderon - Lawrence, KS
Wayne Turner - El Dorado, KS
brandon kurtz - Lawrence, KS
Jamie Watkins - Wichita, KS
Rebecca Lang - Merriam, KS
Kate Lorenz - Lawrence, KS - "Please vote NO."
Paula Nicholson - Overland Park, KS
Craig Young - Wichita, KS
Kris Kline - Overland Park, KS
Christy Brown - Wichita, KS
Chelsea Mertz - Topeka, KS
Dr Melinda Toumi - Lawrence, KS
Melinda Meerian - Manhattan, KS - "Consider the multitude of issues with the legalization of lying and ommission in people who are so entrusted with such privilege of caring for human beings that they must be licensed. Would you trust a medical practicioner who could legally lie to you, and have no legal consequences? This is an undue and dangerous infringement of liberty. "
Cleona Dooley - Gypsum, KS
Dena Sneed - Prairie Village, KS
Linda Medoff - Leawood, KS - "That bill is the very definition of insanity. A doctor who would deliberately lie to his patient or omit important information is a moral deviant. If passed, it would make Kansas the worst kind of laughingstock of the nation. "
Alan Carroll - Abilene, KS
Susan Hund-Milne - wichita, KS - "This is a terrible infringement on the rights of both physicians and patients. Please oppose it. Please do not force doctors to lie."
Valerie Kutchko - merriam, KS - "SB142 does not belong in our, or any, country. This intrudes on a woman and a family's right to knowledge of and control over their lives. Please vote against SB142."
Elizabeth Herbert - Topeka, KS - "This is shameful and should never have even been considered. "
Connie Hocking - BROOKVILLE, KS
Nancy Wagner - Overland Park, KS - "It's unbelievable that this bill SB142 would even see the light of day. How can demand that physicians not be truthful with their patients. Vote NO. "
Todd Kofford - Lawrence, KS - "Open honesty in all matters related to health "should" be the rule, not this crap."
ashley laird - topeka, KS
sandra huerta - Manhattan, KS
Alana Longwell - Emporia, KS - "As a physician, this bill contradicts the very ethics on which our profession is based. It would be harmful to lie to a patient in this manner making this bill completely contradictory to the covenants of medicine."
Erin Griggs - Prairie Vlg, KS - "Wow, most of my state representatives sure want "A Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood to come true tout de suite. If doctors can be sued for willfully or by omission lying to a patient, then why...oh, I see. Women's bodies are the property of a man. "
Leslie Kinder - Wichita, KS - "We don't need you to pass more unconstitutional laws that micromanage things in our lives that are not any business of our government. You cannot make it criminal for a doctor to lie,. Our government has no business getting between a doctor and patient and forcing the doctor to act against the interests of their patients. . We need you to do something about our terrible budget problems created by your own stupid actions. Stay out of our personal lives! "
Al Frisby - Merriam, KS - "There is no relationship between breast cancer and abortion!!! Don't ask doctors to lie!!!!"
Donna Thalblum - Leawood, KS
Vicky Leitnaker - olathe, KS - "What about the oath doctors take? Does it not count anymore? Doctors can't play God."
Suzanne Hayes - Overland Park, KS
Cassandra Powell - Wichita, KS
Margaret Howieson - Mission, KS
CeAnne Harbin - Lawrence, KS - "Everyone deserves to know the truth about his/her health. It is wrong to allow politics to change that for a portion of the population. Think about it!! Be fair to ALL of your constituents!!"
Lisa Thursby - Overland Park, KS
Karen Neuforth - Great Bend, KS
jasmine swartz - linn valley, KS
Donna Ackley - Lawrence, KS - "Thank you for your opposition to this bill. I want my doctor to be able to tell the truth."
Sarah Thomas - Lawrence, KS
Jennifer Pierson - Wichita, KS
Robert Westfall - Arcadia, KS
Jamie Stinger - Salina, KS - "I have to admit that I find it ludacris that women are still having to fight this fight. No one appointed our adversaries to play God and determine what is best for our bodies. This is simply another attempt to control a situation that refuses to be understood. Shame on you!"
Shannon Bass - Wichita, KS
Karin Barrett - Lawrence, KS
Robert Dye - Overland Park, KS
Leann Strobel - Norwich, KS - "How can doctors retain their integrity while lying to their patients? Doctors should be outraged at this."
Ruth G Shechter - Leawood, KS - "Trying to change moral and ethical values and requiring violations of the Hippocratic oath by legalizing false information to achieve questionable results regarding pregnancies is truly the sign of ignorance, a hateful attitude toward women and an attempt to denigrate women. This is a devious distraction further intruding into women's lives and health."
C Starman - Lansing, KS - "I oppose this bill and its invitation to a slippery slope for health care workers. Vote NO on this bill!"
Rita Clifford - Overland Park, KS - "withholding information from patients/families is against the ethics of the health professions.Please do not support this bill. "
Rachel Schwaller - Lawrence, KS
Jacqueline Fenster - Derby, KS
Joanne King - Lawrence, KS - "Please don't encourage medical malpractice just in order to achieve your goals!"
Lia Robb - Olathe, KS - "There is only one word to describe SB142, and those who support it: UNACCEPTABLE. Oppose SB142. I am a woman, and I vote. "
Robert Golden - Shawnee, KS - "Let's give woman the right to choice. Work on other important issues and put this one to rest."
Mary Lyndal and Ben Nyberg - Manhattan, KS - "As our Secretary of State recently observed in Germany, in the USA we have the right to be stupid. But you know, just because we have the right, we don't have the responsibility. In fact as elected respresentatives of the people US Senators have a duty to be smart on behalf of those less well informed and do the right thing for them. This is one of those no-brainer issues where it is easy for a legislator to be smart and good all at the same time."
Joanne Roudebush - Topeka, KS - "Please vote against this bill. We do not need politicians to determine how women's health will be communicated to patients. Kansas needs to get out of the social engineering mode and get back to funding and government services."
Kelly Seifert - Larned, KS
Jared Stafford - Wichita, KS
Jennifer Abercrombie - Lawrence, KS - "Women and men are entitled to truthful, factual information concerning their pregnancies. It is absolutely essential that this bill be opposed. "
Ruth G Shechter - Overland Park, KS - "Dear Kansas Male House Representatives Senators: Just think of what you would feel if your doctor deliberately gave you false and/or questionable information about your medical condition simply because you happen to be a male. FURIOUS! ANGRY? APPALLED AT THE INTRUSION INTO WITH YOUR DOCTOR? THINK YOU'RE ENTITLED TO TRUTHFUL INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR CONDITION AND IT'S TREATMENT? OF COURSE - THEREFORE, CASTE YOUR VOTE NO ON SB142. "
Melissa Maki - Lawrence, KS
Ginny Krystel - Leawood, KS
Elinor Riley - Roeland Park, KS
Myrliss Hershey - Lawrence, KS
Erin Bleich - Emporia, KS - "I believe that Doctors should tell the Truth, no matter what, and leave the decision up to the patient. Mother first, then the spouse/father/parent. Personal opinions are not necessary for Doctors to speak about."
Megan Patton - Topeka, KS
Charles Fitze - Lenexa, KS
Christina Kiehl - Prairie Village, KS - "It comes down to lying. Doctors must be honest to patients and if we can't trust our own doctor, who can we trust. Stay out of the doctor/patient relationship."
Janet Kannard - Overland Park, KS - "Keeping information from patients and their families seems like a bad precedence to set in the medical business and one that prevents fully informed decisions. "
Cindi Ferguson - Overland Park, KS
Megan Patton - Manhattan, KS
Patrick DeDonder - Topeka, KS
Judy Farrell - Overland Park, KS
Deborah Gerish - Empotia, KS
Francine Sutton - Overland Park, KS - "What an abomination! Kansas legislators should be ashamed of themselves!"
Libby Schoeni - KS, KS
shirley maxwell - overland park, KS
Katherine Soll - Lawrence, KS - "Patients have the right to make fully informed decisions about their own medical care. Please do not allow doctors to prevent patients from making their own choices."
Barbara Meridith - Overland Park, KS
Keith Sanborn - wichita, KS - "a statute cannot excuse a violation of the hippocratic Oath. Don't put this trash on the books. Use your time for some legitimate purpose."
Kimberly Hamilton - wichita, KS
Loretta Rockwell - Salina, KS - "I oppose this Bill! "
Misty Nuckolls - Overland Park, KS - "This bill would undermine everything that a physician-patient relationship is supposed to be built on. If it passes, I will be taking my healthcare dollars across the state line and spending them in Missouri. "
Adam Jensen - Wichita, KS
Sean Gilpin - Overland Park, KS
Tricia Madsen - Overland Park, KS - "This is a serious abuse of the hippocratic oath....woman deserve better!"
Barbara Krug - Russell, KS
Billie Knighton - Wichita, KS
Mary K. Sanborn - El Dorado, KS
Leo Oliva - Woodston, KS - "Stop the war on women."
Vivien Smith - Topeka, KS - "The very idea of a physician not telling such serious information to their patient is repugnant. Please vote no on this bill."
Ruth Hite - Lawrence, KS
Cherie King - Less wood, KS - "Stop having doctors lie and telling women what the can do about birth control or their bodies"
Claudia Gibson - prairie Village, KS
Patricia Marvin - Lawrence, KS - "Shame ,and that is mild"
Jodie Hertzog - Wichita, KS
Margi Sweeton - Wichita, KS
Traci Nauser, MD - Overland Park, KS
Mary Lou Akjright - Leawood, KS - "Women should expect honest information from their physician."
Kelly Willoughby - Fairway, KS - "In this bill, opposition to or support for the right to abortion is not the main issue. The issue is whether doctors can willfully deceive a patient. This is wrong. Patients must be able to trust that their doctor is truthful and willing to help them make reasonable healthcare decisions."
Sandi Staneart - Ottawa, KS - "As a patient, I have the "Patient Bill of Rights" which should guarantee me the right to be fully informed about any medical condition! Government needs to get out of my personal life. I'm sorry to say I never thought the story about "Big Brother" could come true, but it gets closer every day. It's got to STOP NOW!"
Andrew Joseph - Merriam, KS - "The Great Independent Theocracy Of Kansas is about to pass a bill to let doctors lie to pregnant women, to dissuade them from having an abortion. Worst. state government. ever? These jackasses are always triping over themselves trying to pass stupid fscking laws."
Mark Kass - Overland Oark, KS - "This is extremism writ large! Choice is the law of the land and has passed Constitutional muster."
Micheline Burger - Olathe, KS
Nina Pisciotta - Lawrence, KS
Melissa Irwin - Lawrence, KS - "Doctors are the last people who should be legally permitted to lie or mislead their patients. Voting NO on this bill is the only ethical thing to do. "
James Cooley - Lawrence, KS - "If an attorney withholds relevant information form his client, this is grounds for reversing a conviction and disbarring the attorney. The same privilege applies to a doctor-patient relationship and so should the same standards of honesty. "
Amanda Taylor - Lenexa, KS
Mark Skoglund - Olathe, KS
Nancy Dietze - Lawrence, KS - "All medical decisions should be based on as nearly comprehensive information as possible. Pregnancy is a particularly vulnerable time in a woman’s life and it is essential that she be able to trust her physician to provide honest and complete information. Permitting a doctor to lie in any situation compromises the doctor-patient relationship in ALL situations."
GLENNA WALKER - DODGE CITY, KS - "This is simply unbelievable that a law allowing doctors to withhold important medical information from their patients would even be considered."
Jenna Pucci - Pittsburg, KS - "Unethical. "
Emily Leveridge - Kansas City, KS
Jessica Berberich - Olathe, KS
Sarah Braden - Fairway, KS
Melissa Schanze - OP, KS - "Don't pass this bill"
Karen Ohnesorge - Lawrence, KS
Jocelyn Mattoon - Manhattan, KS
Emily Stone - Wichita, KS
Charity Tebe - Lawrence, KS
Marla Adkins-Heljeson - Lawrence, KS
Betty Valenti - Shawnee, KS
Ann Martin - Prairie Village, KS - "This bill is absurd."
Berenice Flores - Offerle, KS
carol heiman - Hays, KS
Whitney Holt - Lawrence, KS - "No one should ever feel like they can't trust their doctors."
Fay Terrell - Wichita, KS
Stan Unruh - Lawrence, KS - "Please don't allow doctors to misrepresent a womans reproductive condition to her for political purposes. "
David Darwin - Lawrence, KS
Anjali Kansal Rill - Lawrence, KS - "Get your laws off my body!"
Sara Schaufler - Shawnee, KS - "Stop the madness! Why are moving backward and not forward?!"
Kari Rinker - Wichita, KS
Jennifer Brown - Lawrence,, KS
Erinn Taylor de Barroso - Lawrence, KS - "Super, super offensive and a bad idea!"
Lisa Erlinger-Teel - Shawnee , KS
Jeanette Anderson - Lenexa, KS - "Please keep big government out of my physicians office. "
Daviann McClurg - Salina, KS
Lynlee Weber - Wichita , KS
Kelly Epley - lenexa, KS
Pat Thomson - Louisburg, KS
Donna Euston - Leawood, KS - "Vote against this legislation. Women deserve to be informed to make decisions concerning their pregancy."
Diana Plas - Lawrence, KS - "For the sake of my children and myself."
Linda Hoag - Manhattan, KS
Lisa Malone - Paola, KS
Doug Seitter - Mission, KS
Carla McCoy - Overland Park, KS - "Please vote NO on this bill. Why would you ever want a medical practitioner to be allowed to lie to you about a medical condition? Women are not second-hand citizens. We vote and remember who to vote for (and against). Passage of this bill would be a travesty and yet one more embarrassment upon the State of Kansas."
Alisa Kartch - Shawnee, KS
Judy Handley - Wichita, KS
Karin Martindale - Kansas City, KS - "Withholding information is tantamount to lying. It violates the trust we put in our doctors to help us make the best informed decisions for our health and that of our families. It doesn't matter what branch of medicine practiced. "
barbara smith - topeka, KS
Margaret Rodgers - Overland Park, KS - "Women should make informed decisions about continuing a pregnancy. Doctors should uphold their Hippocratic Oath to be completely honest with their patients regarding their health and the current and future health of their baby."
haley hougham - Overland Park, KS
vimal goyle - wichita, KS - "Legislatiures are not the medical doctors who should be making laws regarding my health. Leave up to the medical licensed physicians to advise to women and theb women are intelligent enough to make decision for themselvesI trust women and not you."
Phil Dortch - O.P., KS - "Vote NO and uphold the integrity of a doctor's office."
s vaughan - Overland Park, KS - "women and their families are capable of making good and appropriate decisions for their families"
Terri Tansey - Fairway, KS
Bryan Knowles - Roeland Park, KS - "Every woman should have all the information available to make informed decisions about her health."
Jen Alford - Lawrence, KS - "Thanks Brownback for trying to push Kansas back to 1950."
Sydney Fish - Wichita , KS
Fred Zimmerman - Merriam, KS - "This IS the Information Age."
Donna Gimler - Cambridge, KS
Sandra Sanchez - Roeland Park, KS
Vicki Mooney - Overland Park, KS
Brad Miller - Anthony, KS - "This "legislation" is a piece of trash. The Government has no say in these matters."
Amber Fraley - Lawrence, KS - "As representatives of the people of Kansas, you MUST vote NO on this bill. It is absolutely unconscionable to force doctors to lie to their patients. Please do the right thing."
KAren Ramsey - Lenexa, KS
Stephen Sanders - Lawrence, KS
Martha Murchison - Salina, KS
cynthia richardson - Derby, KS - "Please oppose this bill!"
Roxanne Hutton - Fairway, KS - "The arrogance of the legislators who would even consider this bill is unbelievable! I am amazed that in 2013-women's health issues are front and center of the male dominated KS legislature! VOTE NO! "
Richard Simon - Kansas City, KS
Stephanie Garcia - Wichita, KS
Ronald Yeomans - Overland Park, KS - "I'm a physician and I don't appreciate the legislature telling me to lie to my patients."
Sara Gillum - Lawrence, KS
Fay Jefferis - Hutchinson, KS - "This would be VERY BAD for Kansans and Americans. We DON'T need things like this going on. A Lie is never a solution."
Patrick Holton - Kansas City, KS
Jan Liu - Fairway, KS - "Please let doctors do their job and present all information to their patients!"
Jackie Osland - Wichita, KS
Doris Kelsey - fort scott, KS
Kathryn Gamble - Olathe, KS - "When men can get pregnant, then they may have a valid opinion....this is the words my Father said to me when he was in his 80's. Empathetic and wise man."
Katie Coffman - Lawrence, KS
Andrea Pfeifer - Salina, KS
Meredith Lindsey - Leawood, KS - "I should NOT have to ASK for GOOD, HONEST care from my doctor! It should be given regardless."
Thomas Johnson - Prairie Village, KS
Stacy Johnson - Lawrence, KS
Donald Davidson - Topeka, KS - "This is a bad law, making for bad medicine and bad news for any woman affected by this law. To allow and encourage doctors to LIE to a patient about the state of her health is immoral, unethical and should be illegal. Stop this law before it harms the lives of Kansas women. "
marylou schmidt - topeka, KS
Susan Moran - Emporia, KS - "Do you not understand what is going on? Please don't send women back in time."
Joan Millon - Olathe, KS - "Concentrate on things that ARE in your domain - this is not!!"
Alexander Moore - Sabetha, KS - "It's absolutely ridiculous that this would even be considered. In an era where knowledge is abundant, why do you seek to promote health ignorance? Not only are you violating a persons right to their own health information, you're setting a terrible precedent for future shirking of professional responsibility. What's next? Mailmen can choose not to deliver your mail if they don't agree with what you've ordered? . "
Jeri Hill-Harder - Claflin, KS
Georgia Sizemore - Lawrence, KS
Marsha hephner - Arkansas City, KS - "Isn't it contrary to the hypocratic oath to lie to patients? "
Michael Sizemore - Lawrence, KS
Jessica Elszasz - Olathe, KS
Bryan Duell - Wichita, KS
Elaine Dalgleish - Prairie Village, KS
Lisa Crenshaw - Wichita, KS
Katharine Bossmann - Manhattan, KS
Dawn Olney - Prairie Village, KS
Melizabeth Maatta - Manhattan, KS - "Truth and nothing but the truth"
Laci Cunningham - Hays, KS - "I was on a medication when i got pregnant that could have seriously affected my baby. he is perfect but if there had been something wrong and my doctor did not reveal that information, i would never have faith in another doctor again."
Barbara Edwards - Fairway, KS
Jerry Sipe - Lawrence, KS
Katy Skepnek - Lawrence, KS
Judith Burch - Lawrence, KS - "Would you like your doctor to withhold medical information in order to promote someone else's political agenda? This is not your decision."
Laurel rogovein - OP, KS
Amy Walters - Shawnee, KS
Claire Cody - Overland Park, KS
Natasha La Force - Lawrence, KS
Debra Rubin - Leawood, KS - "This Bill would go against the Hippocratic Oath that doctors must take.. Doctors should never lie to their patients!! "
Lis Phelps - Kansas City, KS
Julie Veile - Emporia, KS
Sabrina Reed - Overland Park, KS
Kahlil Saad - Kansas City, KS - "Life is sacred. Don't tarnish it with bills that undermine an honest conversation between physician and patient. "
Shirley Hayden - Topeka, KS - "Doctors should not only not be encouraged to lie to patients, they should not be allowed to do so."
Hugh Irvin - Salina, KS - "Keep politicians out of women's uteri. Oppose SB142."
Dorothy Buchholz - Olathe, KS - "I believe a patient has a right to know. It is wrong for a state legislature to allow or encourage doctors to lie about a pregnancy."
Megan Bonner - Overland Park, KS
Kathleen Jansen - Wichita, KS - "I am pregnant, and live in Kansas. If I choose to have any testing done to check for any anomalies, I expect to be told the truth. Don't you dare to take the results of testing done on my child from me. I am entitled to that, and you do not have the right to withhold it."
Paula Roegge - Concordia, KS - "It is unethical to allow doctors to lie to patients. Women should be given ALL information regarding their individual pregnancy, NOT just what the doctor wants to tell them. This bill could cause more health issues under the guise of saving babies. It makes me ashamed to be a Kansan just to have it on the table."
Wendel Craighead - Prairie Village, KS
Julia Manglitz - Lawrence, KS - "This bill is a violation of human rights and a violation of professional medical ethics."
Sharolyn Bornholdt - Olathe, KS - "I strongly urge you to not support SB142, on behalf of all patients, as well as my granddaughters, nieces, and all women in the State of Kansas. This is 2013, not the dark ages. Thank you."
Nancy Baldwin - Fairway, KS - "Doctors must give complete and honest information about their fetuses and pregnancies to their patients."
Michele Snyder - Olathe, KS - "Oppos SB142"
Amelia Maple - Wichita, KS
Stacey Donovan - Lawrence, KS
Tim Kerfoot - Overland Park, KS - "I continue to believe politicians and government should stay out of personal medical decisions. Wearing a conservative Republican label used to mean keeping intrusive government out of family life. This bill is Kansas at it's most embarrassing. "
Nancy Hiebert - Lawrence, KS - "Brownback and his minions are ruining our state. They are misleading citizens to confuse the issues! They must be stopped. Nancy Hiebert"
Lynn Stephan - Wichita, KS - "It is stunning that the party that purports to want less government cannot stop devising more. The irony is that, like this shameful bill, most new legislation is focused on our personal lives--exactly where government has no place."
Johnny Stroud - Wichita, KS
Suzanne Allen - Mission Hills, KS - "Again the legislature wants to stick its clumsy hand in medical treatment without having gone to medical school. Obviously, they never took the Hippocratic Oath and one wonders about the one they took to become legislators."
Kathryn Parke - Pittsburg, KS
Patricia Gros - Topeka, KS - "Dr's have sworn to do no harm. You are going to hurt them because patients will not be able to trust the Dr's. Pull your heads out of you rectums. "
Glenn Dunne - Lawrence, KS
Randy Morrow - Wichita, KS
Lorna Allen - Olathe, KS
Shaunna Millar - Wichita, KS
Alan Norris - Baldwin City, KS
Anne Chamberlain - Shawnee, KS
Emily Boyer - Wichita, KS
Melendra Sanders - Manhattan, KS
Barbara Fuller - Wichita, KS - " "
Christa Shue - Wichita, KS
Linda Brandenburger - Lawrence, KS - "Government MUST stop butting in, as family planning is an issue for a woman and her doctor to decide."
Marta McLin - overland park, KS
Jake Lowen - Lawrence, KS
Sabrina Perez Glatt - Wichita, KS - "How can one require a doctor to go against the very ethical code which requires them to lie. Ethics is the foundation of any profession."
T L - Merriam, KS - "I can not believe that the United States of America would meddle to such a degree in the health care choices of its people. This is a complete disgrace. And to the physicians who take money from a patient and then lie to them. Do you have any idea what you are doing to the profession and the trust your patients place in you? PLEASE VOTE NO ON SB142"
rachel alexander - topeka, KS - "This bill violates Doctor's Hippocratic Oath and encourages doctors to give medical advice based on their personal beliefs and by doing, ruins confidence in the doctor/patient relationship. "
Noelle Barrick - Wichita, KS - "Regardless of one's ideological position on abortion, surely we can all agree that allowing doctors to blatantly lie to their patients about serious medical conditions is dangerous, not to mention unethical. "
Donald Viney - Pittsburg, KS
Nancy Dinell - Wichita, KS
Karen Martellaro - lenexa, KS
Peggy Mishler - Wichita, KS
JoLynn Smith - Kansas City, KS
Erin Thompson - Roeland Park, KS
Sherry Gavito - Lawrence, KS
Rebecca Johnson - Leavenworth, KS
Rebecca Sherwood - Overland Park, KS
Patricia Speier - Overland Park, KS
Rezty Felty - Tonganoxie, KS
Michael Foulston - Wichita, KS
Robert J Roberts - Pittsburg, KS - "Legislators may lie, but doctors are expected to tell the truth."
Brenda Oppert - Manhattan, KS - "Are you kidding me? How can this be legal-it certainly is immoral! "
Deborah Bailey - Lindsborg, KS - "To deliberately withhold medical information that would affect a patient's health care decisions is a form of lying. I question the ethics of any lawmaker that sanctions doctors lying to patients. Oppose SB 142. "
Hilah Vander Lippe - Overland Park, KS
Ann Johnson - Merriam, KS - "I am appalled that any ethical body would consider enacting this bill. Shame on any Kansan who supports such an outrageous piece of garbage."
Anne Valburg - Lawrence, KS - "This is awful! "
Kandi Schmidt - Wichita, KS
Beth Berg - Lawrence, KS - "P L E A S E, HEAR US -- vote AGAINST SB142 !!! bberg"
Hanna Smith - Lawrence, KS
Don Wigger - leawood, KS
Deborah Thompson - Wichita, KS
Lisa Brooksher - Paradise, KS - "It never ceases to amaze me the bizarre ideas that people attempt to put into law! No!!!! Way too Orwellian!"
Rachel Hagan - Topeka, KS
Leslie Dienes - Lawrence, KS
Amy Enochs - olathe, KS - "It is ludacris to think that doctors would lie to a person about their own health. People should be ashamed of themselves for supporting this and check their morals. "
Margaret Bodle - Lawrence, KS - "There is a name for this. It's called fraud. Anyone who votes for this should be in jail."
Gerald Thomas - Leawood, KS - "Quit wasting your time that we, THE TAXPAYER, are paying on social issues. Get busy with the future deficit that you and brownback have created with your WACKO, SHORTED anti-tax plan. GET your priorities in order!!!!!"
Penny Mattson - Salina, KS - "As a retired nurse who has worked the majority of my career in women's health, I am very aware of the many services tha Planned Parenthood provides. Screening fo dieases & catching them early is way cheaper than waiting to have to treat full blown cancers & other diseases of the reproductive organs."
Sarah Nessel - Leawood, KS - "Any doctor who would deliberately withhold information from a patient should be barred from practicing medicine -- NOT be protected by state law. This is an absolute outrage and an embarrassment to the people of this state. Vote NO."
Sarah Baum - Mission Hills, KS
Mary Ann Butler - Overland Park, KS - "Decisions about medical care should be made by the patient and physician; this is not a topic for political or legislative intervention. Vote No."
Mary Garrett - Wichita, KS
Melanie Jenney - Wichita, KS - "It is just plain wrong to withhold information or lie to patients about ANY aspect of their condition, no matter the issue. "
Heidi Shulista - Paola, KS - "If this bill is passed into law, it will create a total mistrust from women toward their doctors. People deserve honesty and autonomy from their health care providers. Each individual person needs all the information that a provider can give them to be able to make ANY health related decision!"
Alex Damian - Overland Park, KS - "Vote no or lose our revenue, because we WILL leave. This is too egregious, and I value my rights. I will not let your ilk steal them, which is what this bill would do. "
Carol Brandert - Salina, KS - "All patients deserve complete information about their conditions so that they can make responsible decisions. This intrusion of government into private lives and medical practice is absolutely unconscionable. "
Mary Edwards - Leawood, KS
Andrea Urban - Paradise, KS
Gavin Johnston - Overland Park, KS - "You cannot pass a bill that advocates lying to a patient simply because your religious beliefs are opposed to a person's assumed reason for visiting the doctor. SB142 is the absolute height of hypocrisy. Stop forcing your warped interpretation of the Bible on others."
Suzy Roper - Derby, KS
kallie kimble - Mulvane, KS
Ingrid Brown - Wichita, KS
Ashley Loughridge - Augusta, KS
Jina Stockton - Wichita, KS - "I would not want my doctor to lie or withhold information - no matter how bad - because I would like the time ti prepare myself. Don't allow doctors to lie!"
Shannon Lipps - Overland Park, KS
Bree Boyd - Shawnee, KS
Brandi Fisher - Mission, KS
Mike Gaughan - Lawrence, KS
Dennis Dehn - Topeka, KS
Maureen Salz - Overland Park, KS
Leah Dannar-Garcia - Wichita, KS
Gaybyrne Garrett - Merriam, KS - "Honesty and the willingness to give a patient all the information they need to make an informed decision regarding their health and the care associated is, for me, the cornerstone of a good physician. Everyone, Including WOMEN, have a fundamental right to all and accurate health information."
Miranda Lietzke - Valley center, KS
meg tucker - Wichita, KS - "If you're a doctor you have more of a moral obligation to treat your patient to the best of your ability, not to lie and insert your own politics into personal healthcare. There is no room for lying and risking a patients health. Do NOT vote for this bill. It endangers a woman's life and opens up the possibility of future legislation or loopholes that could be more harmful to a patient. Give the patient all information and leave the decision to her. Lying will ultimately cost the taxpayer more."
Karen Rappoport - Manhattan, KS
Patricia Schultz - Lenexa, KS
Shawna Chapman - Lawrence, KS
Gallagher Green - burns, KS
Alexandra Jones - Prairie Village, KS - "Please keep the Kansas government out of my body and choices!"
Lindsey Bartlett - Lawrence, KS - "This is just wrong. Unlike politicans, Doctors are the one group of people I expect to be honest with me. Please stop playing politics with women's health. So much of your legislature has become hurtful, callous, and ridiculous. Shame on all of you mysognists running the statehouse!"
Rosemary Howlett - Garland, KS - "Doctors don't want this and neither do patients!"
Jeremy Lykins - Topeka, KS - "Trust women."
Nikaela Zimmerman - Topeka, KS
Lance Turner - Salina, KS - "A patient should be able to trust their doctor."
Alexandra Simmons - Wichita, KS
Judy Fraser - Wichita, KS
Judy fremerman - Prairie Village, KS
Doug Oliver - Wichita, KS - "This bill is utterly despicable. I urge Kansas legislators to focus on issues important to us all and leave medical issues to doctors and patients. "
Kevin Peterson - Wichita, KS - "Don't withhold medical information."
Joseph Barnett - Goddard, KS - "This is wrong, how is this even being considered?"
mary cole - wichita, ks
Randy Harmon - Topeka, KS - "Trust in your healthcare providers is absolutely essential in receiving good care, & allowing MD's to willfully withhold information in any form regarding a patient's health & planning for the future is absolutely wrong."
Janis Pool - Lawrence, KS - "If we cannot trust our doctors, why would we even think of trusting our legislators?"
Sylvie Rueff - Lawrence, KS
Greg Cooper - Lawrence, KS - "The simple fact, Mr. or Ms. Legislator, that you can not trust anyone because of your extreme "ideology" does not necessitate your legislating mistrust and lying on your constituents. Take a stand against all that this bill stands for. I vote."
Merilee Dymacek - Eudora, KS - "I would have not faith in a doctor who chose to withhold information from me whether it is about my health or the health of my unborn child!"
Thomas Bryce - Lawrence, KS - "Honesty is of the utmost importance when dealing with Medical Issues. I want MY Doctor to be honest with me and hold Nothing back when talking with Me or Any member of my Family for any Medical issue. To suggest a Dr. Lie or with hold Any Information that Rightfully BELONGS to the Patient is Appalling. Stop This Bill Now!"
Amber Madl - Pittsburg, KS
Michelle Barnett - Goddard, KS
Diane Lindeman - Lawrence, KS
William Fast - Ozawkie, KS
Conni Nevius - Spring hill, KS
Hannah Welch - Lawrence, KS
Linda Youngman - Wichita, KS
Malissa Tormey - Valley Center, KS - "The government does not have the moral authority to dictate the rights of others. Kansas is a secular state. You do not have the right to force your religious beliefs on me. This bill is designed to ban abortion in Kansas. This bill will kill women.This bill will force women to give birth because women will no longer have rights to their own bodies.This is called slavery and it violates the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This bill is also a violation of human rights by denying women access to quality health care. Quality health care means your health care fits your needs and preferences. Your health care does not cause harm. Your health care is right for your illness. Your health care is given without unnecessary delays. Your health care includes only the medical tests and procedures that you need. Your health care is fair and not affected by such things as your gender, language, color, age or income. Section 1 of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. All citizens, living and born, have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A fetus is not a living person. Imagine if you cared about those already living and born. There would be no more poverty, no more homeless families living in the streets. Children won't be going to bed hungry every night. Families won't be forced to decide whether to pay their bills or pay their rent. The elderly would be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Consider this hypothetical: Kansas bans abortion. This means contraceptives, pregnancy, IVF and miscarriages are criminalized. Women are no longer in control of their lives and bodies. How are you going to stop women from having abortions? Will the Legislature pass laws to ban women from leaving the state so they can't get an abortion in another state? Will the State be allowed to put pregnant women in jail so they don't get an abortion? Will the State require pregnant women to wear a tracking device so they can monitor their every move? Will the State be allowed to ban pregnant women from the workforce? Will the State be allowed to monitor what is bought over the Internet and what comes in your mail to insure you are not buying contraceptives? You are supposed to represent everyone in your district, not just the religious extremists. Shame on you. "
Frances A. Belden - Wichita, KS
Ashlie Koehn - Lawrence, KS - "This bill makes me sad and scared to see where policy is going!"
Gina Long - Hutchinson, KS - "Letting doctors lie is a moral outrage. If Kansas passes this bill, it will becoming a laughingstock to the rest of the country. It will erode medical professions. No government should come between a doctor and a patient and a doctor should never be forced to lie, nor allowed to under the law. Please vote against it. Thank you for your time, Senator."
Katie Nold - Stilwell, KS - "SB 142 is absolutely unacceptable. Vote NO."
Cassandra Walker - Mission, KS
Marcie Inzer - Olathe, KS - "Completely offended by this piece of trash. Personal agendas are the guiding light of this one. Try working FOR the people... This is just awful."
catherine chaffee-mcclure - roeland park, KS
Courtney Privett - Olathe, KS - "Since when is lying either virtuous or ethical? I've been fighting this bill for a year now, and it frustrates me that the inept Kansas government has remained so heartless and obtuse. This was my original letter sent to various members of the KS government when SB142 was still HB2598:"
Kaleigh Nold - Overland Park, KS
Craig Jacob - Lawrence, KS - "This instead of creating JOBS! There are legimate reasons for a legal abortion, and any attempt to prevent that is wrong and misguided. This is one of them."
Dustin McKinney - Stilwell, KS
Cindy Herman - Prairie Village, KS
Amy Turner - Wichita, KS - "I am horrified that anyone finds it acceptable for a doctor to mislead or even lie to a patient for any reason. Under no circumstances will any legislator who supports this ever have my support or my vote."
Justin Autrey - Lawrence, KS - "I can't believe people would try to seriously change a law that has such a huge impact on someones life like this. There should never be any legislation saying that your doctor can keep important health information from you. That just seems so morally wrong on the most basic levels. "
M Gorden - baldwin, KS
Allie Trimmell - Leawood, KS - "This is a disgrace!"
Jordan Williams - Overland Park, KS - "It should not be a dirty thing to say that Abortion is a federally protected right in this country. No right is absolute but this measure flirts dangerously with the constitution and medical ethics."
Aleris Charleman - Wichita, KS
Paul Brink - Wichita, KS
Janet Sharistanian - Lawrence, KS - "This bill interferes with both the rights and the responsibilities of physicians and their female patients. It is also unconstitutional in several regards. In fact, there is nothing acceptable about it. Please vote NO."
Terri Weeks - Overland Park, KS
Alynn Schmidt - Olathe, KS
Linda Divine - Leawood, KS
Kate Counter - Topeka, KS - "Please ensure that patients are given ALL of their medical information by their doctors & allowed to make fully-formed decisions regarding what they feel is best for their health & their families."
Stephenie Roberts - Wichita, KS
Peggy Beal - Leawood, KS - "People need correct factual information in order to make any kind of medical decision. I'm sure you would not appreciate having vital medical information withheld from you when you were making a major medical decision. Abortion is a medical decision between a woman and her doctor. It is no one else's business."
vanessa mccann - shawnee, KS - "so will those same people voting for this ALSO be willing to pick up the tab for a parent who would not have chosen to carry a child with life long disabilities? I never opted into those tests, but that was MY choice, others have the right to make their own choices, based on their understanding of their abilities as a parent.. I am outraged!"
Angela Gbekpa - olathe, KS
Tyler Inzer - Olathe, KS - "Garbage"
Cathryn Hay - Wichita, KS - "This is the last straw. I will seriously consider leaving the state if this one more indignity is passed to hobble women into subjection again."
Christopher Stolfus - Lawrence, KS
Hillary Carlson - Lawrence, KS - "This is not legislative business! Kansas lawmakers don't belong in my doctors office. Get out!"
Dan Umansky - Wichita, KS
Burt Odenheimer - Wichita, KS
Jaime Sherwood - Olathe, KS
Anna Austenfeld - Prairie Village, KS - "Whether or not most doctors would violate their Hippocratic Oath because of SB142 is irrelevant. Even if only 1 doctor takes advantage of this provision to provide medically inaccurate information or commit lies of omission, it is 1 doctor too many. Please stand up for both women's rights and patients' rights in Kansas. "
Emma Austenfeld - Prairie Village, KS
Lori Lohrenz - Wichita, KS - "This is one more piece of legislation that has shocked, dismayed, frightened, angered and embarrassed me as a Kansas citizen and voter. Please take any action within your power to stop this bill from moving forward. "
Carol Schenk - Wichita, KS
Jane Barrick - Wichita, KS - "I understand that the senate has already passed this bill. I have no idea how you voted but I think this is a dumb headed idea. Anything that requires a doctor to lie or omit information to a patient for ANY REASON makes it impossible for the patient to receive optimal care. Parents need to know if there is something "wrong" with a pregnancy so that they can plan what to do once the child is born. I for one will not be voting for any Republican until they stop this attack on women's health care rights. Once upon a time you could vote for the person, knowing that you didn't always agree with everything they stood for but knowing they would make the best decision they could for the people they represented. Now legislators seem to vote only for themselves to insure their reelection. This is a poor way to govern. It must change and it could begin with you! Sincerely, Jane H. Barrick "
Janet Price - Overland Park, KS - "It cant believe anyone who care about parents and children could vote for this bill."
Catherine Goetz - Leavenworth, KS - "So, what you're saying is that it's okay for a doctor to lie, because politicians lie, too. Good going, so proud to be a Kansan. "
Elisabeth Ready - Wichita , KS
Susan Johnson - Wichita, KS
nichole groat - overland park, KS - "give women the right to make decisions for their family about birth defects and don't let drs lie to them. "
Donald Phipps - Baldwin City, KS
Julie Ramos - Wichita, KS - "PLEASE do NOT pass something that allows doctors to lie. They are the few we are supposed to trust."
alia weheba - wichita, KS - "we need to move ahead to be the best, not backwards ."
Sara Johnson - Topeka, KS
Jan Binter - Wichita, KS - "It is wrong to interfere with the doctor patient relationship. More crazy laws like this and I will move out of Kansas. "
lisa ryder - overland park, KS
JoEllen Ingram - Wellington, KS - "Do NOT give my doctors permission to lie to me! I and all American deserve the best medical advice available! Futhurmore, It is NOT my doctor's right to make "moral" decisions for ME. I (and only me) am responsible for my soul! "
Julie Toplikar - Lawrence, KS
Beverly Cadue - Bonner Springs, KS
Cynthia Nelson - Lincoln, KS - "It is obvious that you are not listening to women, isn't it??? Do not vote to give drs a reason to lie to their patients. I will be watching your vote."
Helen Stoll - Lenexa, KS - "I know you don't listen to your constituents. I know you'll support this bad legislation. I know that you are activating the moderate voice in Kansas to make wholesale changes in our "representation"."
Eden Detrixhe - Lawrence, KS
Becky Brinkley - Olathe, KS
Muriel Cohan - Lawrence, KS
Patricia Jones - Great Bend, KS - "You cannot allow this bill to pass. If Dr.s are allowed to lie to patients about this, what prevents them from giving any other information about their healthcare? The Hippocratic oath is taken for a reason. You should stay out of my and any one else's healthcare decisions."
Rockie Jones - Great Bend, KS - "Please vote against this bill. To do so would infringe on patient's rights."
Kelly Banna - Wichita, KS - "Lying to or hiding information from potential parents-to-be regarding the medical condition of their potential child-to-be is shameful, cowardly, and unethical. Please do not pass this bill."
Kathy Putnam - Lenexa, KS
Joseph Keebler - Wichita, KS - "This piece of legislature is an shouldn't even exist, let alone be something that may actually become voted into law. Keep government small, unless it comes to the most personal decisions for women?"
Jody Lapolice - Concordia, KS - "This is wrong"
Carla Aamodt - Westwood, KS - "I am a physician and it is my duty to take care of patients in the best way I know how. Not telling them the truth about results of a fetal ultrasound violates this duty. Patients must be informed about their bodies and health and doctors who knowingly do not give them full information should be liable for their actions. Please oppose SB 142. Thank you, Carla Aamodt, MD"
Lisa Stewart - Lawrence, KS
Kirstin Johnson - Gardner, KS - "Regardless of whether a woman chooses to carry a baby to term or terminate a pregnancy, she deserves to have all the facts about her and her baby's health and well-being. Any doctor who knowingly withholds this kind of information, should be subject to punitive damages. This bill is a step backward for Kansas women and their families. "
Aubrey Jacobs - Lawrence, KS - "As a pregnant woman, I find this bill terrifying. "
Margot Breckbill - Wichita, KS - "Doctors need to tell the truth so parents can prepare for the birth of a child they know will have problems or make other choices. Obviously, the current budget will not support enough funding to help parents care for these children so let's keep it honest and let people prepare."
Dalene Stevens - Wichita, KS - "No not pass this bill that will let doctors not disclose all information about a woman's body, health, status of fetus"
flora bishop - Wichita, KS
Russ Pataky - Wichita, KS - "This is the worst piece of crap I have ever seen proposed by any branch of government. We need to give all these fools sex change operations and let them live with this stupidity."
Karen Miller - Caney, KS - "Parents of unborn children with genetic abnormalities have the right to know this information so they can prepare for the accommodations these children will need after birth. I had a brother with genetic abnormalities, and it would have been so helpful if my parents could have been better prepared for the challenges they faced after he was born. This NOT about is about being an informed new parent! Please vote NO. Thank you!"
Ron Burgess - Lawrence, KS
Julie Squires - Eudora, KS - "Please do not pass this bill. I will follow it and whomever votes for it will lose my vote and I will speak loudly and clearly to all against your re-election. Stand up and be a truly moral person and allow the person(s) who must make these life or death decisions to be the same."
Regan Sherman - Welda, KS
Diana Bryson-Brooks - Wichita, KS - "Thank you for your opposition to this bill!"
Melanie Terrill - Salina, KS
carl todd - wichita, KS
N. B. Spence - Overland Park, KS - "Keep government out of our doctors' offices!"
Casey Old - Lawrence, KS
Susan Clark - Wichita, KS
Debbie Updegraff - Topeka, KS - "Please don't pass this bill!"
Nadine Conner - Wichita, KS - "I oppose SB142. "
bruce roby - wichita, KS
Nicole Young - Lawrence, KS - "This is completely disgusting, debasing, and manipulative. Kansas is taking a step backwards and alienating its citizens with this bill."
Sarah Kunen - Lawrence, KS
Stephanie Luttrell - Olathe, KS - "Whatever a person's stance on abortion, allowing doctor's to withhold information about their or their child's health is simply wrong. It keeps the family from being able to make informed decisions, of course. But, also from making informed plans for that child's future, childcare, the mother's plans to return to employment, etc.. Please keep this out of our state laws."
Andrew Stowers - Lawrence, KS - "This is appalling. Doctors should never withhold a patient's health information nor the health information of their unborn child. Please vote against this measure."
Margaret Gordon - Lawrence, KS
Erica Hopwood - Manhattan, KS - "I'll be happy to vote against any of my legislators that are in favor of this bill!"
Nancy Ireland - Manhattan, KS
Josie Nixon - Lawrence, KS
Jason Khomsi - Lawrence, KS - "This bill is completely unethical and any doctor who might actually consider doing this should have their medical licience under review."
Candace Molzhon - Topeka, KS - "It is unbelievable that this bill is even being considered. "
Laura Casey - Rose Hill, KS
Mary Hopkins - Prairie Village, KS
Tamara Vitale - Lawrence, KS
JoAnna Writt - Lawrence, KS
Amy H. - Topeka, KS
Marianne Melling - Lawrence, KS
Therese Howell - Wichita, KS - "This is utterly shameful and fundamentally immoral. "
Debby Gebhart - Pittsburg, KS - "If KS is stupid enough to interfere then I want a list of DOCTORS WHO WANT TO BE LEGALLY FREE TO LIE TO PATIENTS"
heather pulliam - wichita, KS - "It's against my right as a citizen to have my health care provider lie to me about any concern they have about my unborn child.."
Matthew Khomsi - Lawrence, KS - "Vote no!"
Marleah Augustine - Ellis, KS
Brandon Bowman - Lawrence, KS
Matt Bechtold - Topeka, KS
Linda Buchanan - Wichita, KS
Lorraine Leaf - Newton, KS - "End witch hunts NOW"
Lisa Roberts - Lawrence, KS - "Violation of the Hippocratic Oath is illegal and unethical. If this law is passed, I will NEVER go to the doctor in Kansas again and will speed up the process of moving my family out of this state. I will not allow my daughter to grow up in a state that violates her rights as a human being. This is a disgusting piece of legislation, I am baffled at the fact that someone even had the nerve to write out and print the smut that is SB142. Absolutely grotesque. If the Kansas government wants a war with the women in this state, then you all could very well get one if you keep this kind of stuff up. "
Paige Ensminger - lawrence, KS
Joseph Zucht - Lenexa, KS
barbara schmidt - Wichita, KS - "Please vote no on this bill."
Kent Munzer - Topeka, KS
Chip Halderman - Eudora, KS
Linda Hixon - Baldwin, KS
Lora Stoppel - Lawrence, KS - "The Physician's Oath: I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to the service of humanity; I will give to my teachers the respect and gratitude which is their due; I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity; The health of my patient will be my first consideration; I will respect the secrets which are confided in me; I will maintain by all the means in my power, the honour and the noble traditions of the medical profession; My colleagues will be my brothers and sisters; I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, gender, politics, socioeconomic standing, or sexual orientation to intervene between my duty and my patient; I will maintain the utmost respect for human life; even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity; I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour."
Jason Robb - Overland Park, KS - "Can we vote to abort politicians, but lie to them first and tell them everything is OK"
Linda Mawby - Kansas City, KS
Nancy Ogle - Wichita, KS
Dorothy Hoyt-Reed - Lawerence, KS
Emily Lane - Wichita, KS
Mindy Serafin - OVERLAND PARK, KS
Henry Blake IV - Overland Park, KS
Liz Lazzara - Wichita, KS
Beth Regehr - Wichita, KS
Gretchen Frevele - Pittsburg, KS - "If doctors lie, then the care is not done with informed consent. That's wrong on every level."
Arnold & Irma Wuertz - Lenexa, KS
Beverly North - Sedgwick, KS
kent rowe - Wichita, KS
gary Peterson - Topeka, KS
Tyler Duncan - Wichita, KS
W Kay Hopkins - Leawood, KS
Sigrid Trombley - Wichita, KS - "Doctors should not be allowed with purposely withhold medical information about any issues related to a pregnancy or for that matter, they should not be allowed to withhold any medical information about any condition from a patient. Do not pass SB 142."
Elizabeth Sedita - Lawrence, KS - "I am 100% against this bill. Doctors do not have the right to withold information from their patients."
diane diehl - berryton, KS
Elizabeth Kennedy - Wichita, KS - "Vote no to SB 142."
Thomas and Denise Johnson - Prairie Village, KS
Phillip Crown - IOLA, KS - "I can't believe the 'holier-than-anyone-else' Fascists would pass a bill condoning lying. Oh, that's right-- they're hypocrites."
Janean Lanier - Hutchinson, KS
James Cox - Kansas City, KS
Carolyn Hall - Overland Park, KS - "Please allow patients to make decisions based on medical information that has not been legislated but instead has been medically researched."
Jennifer Voth - Hutchinson, KS
Sheryl Wiggins - Lawrence, KS
Susi Bocks - Galva, KS - "Shame on us! How dare we withhold information from patients? How dare we withhold the TRUTH to support a segment of the population's ideology?!?!?! Our laws are to protect ALL citizens, not take away their individual rights."
Jesse Kaufman - North Newton, KS
Heidi York - Wichita, KS
Brad Kearn - Liberal, KS
Gloria Devonshire - Overland Park, KS
Uwe Bocks - Galva, KS
Marcy Hulett - Wichita, KS - "No doctor should be allowed to purposefully withhold medical information for ANY issue. This is malpractice. This is NOT an issue for Kansas legislature to be wasting their time and taxpayers money on."
Alexis james - wichita, KS
Christopher Wilbur - Wichita, KS
Dustin Hopper - Wichita, KS
Heather Baum - Haysville, KS
Janet Redd - hutchinson, KS
Doloress Furtado - Overland Park, KS - "Erosion of trust: first on our list is government, now medicine and what next? Can it be stopped? How do we restore trust which must be earned? "
Ann Townsend - Eastborough, KS - "It is egregious that legislators assume they understand the physical body and mind of others to vote in such a damaging law. You legislators need YOUR HEADS EXAMINED!"
Mark Tinsley - PAOLA, KS - "So now we are making liars into actual policy? Please vote no on SB142."
Kyle Robinson - McPherson, KS
Emma Holton - Wichita, KS
Benjamin Porter - Wellington, KS - "It is a parent's right to know what to expect when it comes to their children. It is immoral to no avail to without such information from a child's parents. A law like this would only increase the worry and suffering of the parents of these children. Instead of passing this bill, how about we spend our time and money on caring for and educating this children and other children. Not on causing suffering to people in order to push your religious agenda upon them. "
Shelly Crader - Rose Hill, KS - "This bill is an abomination; no doctor should EVER be encouraged to lie to a patient under any circumstances. Legislators are NOT medical professionals and it is irresponsible and unconscionable that you would even CONSIDER passing a bill that allows such an egregious violation of patients' rights. As a woman and a health care provider, I strenuously object to this bill and urge you to oppose it. It's funny how Republicans are all for less government intrusion into people's lives until it comes to the issue of abortion. That kind of a person is known as a HYPOCRITE!"
Ryan Lewis - Wichita, KS
Susan Pepperdine - Fairway, KS - "I am opposed to any added restrictions on access to abortion. This is Big Brother government imposed on women and their doctors. Doctors should not be forced to give false information to their patients."
Deb Koons - El Dorado, KS - "This is completely overstepping your role, and if ANY doctor takes it upon him/herself to withhold information from a patient regarding his or her medical condition, that doctor should be sued out of existence. It is NOT YOUR BUSINESS TO DICTATE WHAT A WOMAN DOES WITH HER OWN BODY! PERIOD!! I have HAD IT with you theocrats!! If you want to rule a country with religion, move to freaking Afghanistan!"
Janette Salisbury - Lawrence, KS
Jessica Olson - Andover, KS - "This is outrageous in this day and age, why let doctors do the jobs they are trained for correctly and keep politics out of medicine."
Leslie Page - Wichita, KS - "As a board-certified obstetrician- gynecologist, as a woman, mother, grandmother and daughter, I want you to know that this is reprehensible! I took the Hippocratic oath, and will not be forced by some (mostly male) lawyers and legislators to LIE to or manipulate my patients! This is NOT health care."
Cara Ernzen - Salina, KS
Mary Pantle - Wichita, KS - "It will NEVER be okay for doctors to lie to their patients! Please vote no and send our objections to our representative!"
Mia Knowles - Leawood, KS
Christine Mcpherson - Tecumseh, KS - "If this passes it will NOT stand so please dont waste the time and money of Kanas. It would be illegal and immoral for a doctor to withhold that type of infomation . "
Juliet Lallement - Ellis, KS - "I work in health care and I strongly believe that every patient has the right to know everything about their healh care options in order to make informed decisions. I would not have an abortion but I still want to be aware of every piece of information related to my health."
Shelby Lolley - Manhattan, KS
Owen Gray - Mission Hills, KS
Kathleen Cooper - Leawood, KS
Lori Simon - viola, KS
Jaime Menon - Manhattan, KS
Alex Held - Wichita, KS
Jennifer Weishaar - Lawrence, KS
Alyssa Marr - Arkansas City, KS
Molly Karleskint - Fort Scott, KS
Cheyenne Deines - Manhattan, KS
Zachary Lee - Roeland Park, KS
Jessica Falcone - Manhattan, KS
Natalie Perryman - Leawood, KS - "What a horrible abuse of already inherently imbalanced doctor/patient relationship. It is not the doctor's job to make or alter this kind of decision, and a lie of omission of this severity should be enough to get a license revoked. "
David Klish - Derby, KS
Christopher Cooksey - Hays, KS
Rachel Hagan - Topeka, KS
Donna Rowlett - Centerville, KS, KS
Kate VanCantfort - Hutchinson, KS - "Please vote no. As a woman I do not feel protected in the state of KS. Eventually this will become an economic development issue as women will leave KS or never take a job here because the laws are so offensive to women."
Sarah Curtiss - topeka, KS
julie trowbridge-alford - Lawrence, KS - "I am long past needing to consider an abortion, but want younger women to have the right to make this unhappy decision, with the help of their physician, if necessary. An unwanted pregnancy, leads to an unwanted child."
Janice Bradley - Wichita, KS - "I am astounded that the Kansas Legislators are writing scripts for Doctors to read to female patients. Stop this madness!"
Courtney Roberts - Shawnee, KS - "I feel like the Kansas legislature is spending a lot of time that would be more productive in many other ways to do everything in their power to set the state back 40 years. I am embarassed to be a Kansan."
Sarah Johnson - Hutchinson, KS
Barbara Gingrich - Wichita, KS
Mike Stithem - LLawrence, KS
Debra Ringler - Hutchinson, KS - "Stay out of my Doctors office. Vote against the passage of SB142. "
LaStacia Ross - Mulberry, KS - "Doctors have no right to try to influence a woman's decision. You would not ask a doctor to withhold information regarding any other medical condition or decision, especially if it involves a man. Lawmakers need to keep their religious beliefs out of government. ."
Nancy Jorn - LAWRENCE, KS - "Please vote no on SB142 and stand up for women's right to know and health professionals' right to be truthful with their patients."
Elaine Williamson - Lyons, KS
Kay Peterman - Olathe, KS - "Please vote no. Let everyone continue to have the right To make their own decisions with their Doctors only! "
Martha Anderson - Prairie village, KS
Nona Ross - Sedan, KS - "You are not qualified to make medical/health decisions. You are overstepping the mandate of your elected office. You need to think carefully about these kinds of decisions. I am 84 years old. I vote, I read, I pay attention to political manuvers designd to curb personal freedom. "
james anderson - Prairie Village, KS - "Please oppose this bill"
Doris Ravenfeather - Bel Aire, KS
Carol Schmitt - Lawrence, KS - " Only doctors are allowed to practice medicine by law. Threatening doctors to lie to their patients is unconstitutional in my opinion and if my doctor did that to me I would sue the doctor and the state of Kansas all the way to the Supreme Court. "
Shirley Jacques - Salina, KS - "I hope you will not vote to continue this interference in women's health care."
Jane Link - Wichita, KS - "This is morally WRONG. Women deserve to hear all the facts."
Lisa Graham - Wichita, KS
Julie Gelpke - Pittsburg, KS - "Absolutely appalling legislation! You have NO right to interfere with my decisions as a woman what so ever! And to lie to me? As my doctor? Shame on you! Would you lie to a male if he had prostrate cancer? Would you quit prescribing Viagra for erectile dysfunction? Leave us women alone! "
Margaret Blankers - Lenexa, KS - "I do not need the government dictating what information is provided to me by my own doctor. I am a grown up; I do not need Kansas to be a Big Brother! Kansas should be working on restoring the quality education we have offered in the past, not butting into women's private medical issues."
Bill Staples - Lawrence, KS
Sarah Bahr - Caney, KS
Julia Parker - Gardner, KS - "No comment should be necessary."
Larry Shepard - Lenexa, KS - "Gotta watch them at every step. Brownback has emboldened the fringe. No health care. No unions. No choice."
Jan Swartzendruber - Andover, KS - "Would the middle aged white men in the Kansas State House please begin to use their valuable to pass legislation that helps the average working person in this state and stop wasting their energies making laws that reduce women's options for their futures? If unwanted pregnancies are the top problem you perceive in the state of Kansas, come up with a law that forbids males to avoid sex with women, including their wives, unless they are wanting to add children to their families. Men are half the problem. Pick on them for a change with your religiously-based laws that pretend to be able to control people's moral choices. "
KIM SANTELLAN - MAIZE, KS - "Please vote NO!"
Nancy Keith - Paola, KS
Angie Tollette - Cherokee, KS - "I oppose SB142 .... It is our decision as mothers , and fathers !!!! Not Yours .... It is your job as the Medical Doctor , that we are suppose to trust our health and the health of our children and unborn children .. Honesty and Help .... Not Lie and withhold what they see fit .... come on now.... this is America ... "
Mary Harren - Wichita, KS - "This bill would not respect the lives and consciences of women to be able to receive the medical information necessary to make significant decisions regarding their pregnancies. We expect our legislators to stand tall and vote against SB142. "
Gail James - Overland Park, KS - "This bill undermines doctor-patient relationships, privacy and confidence about good health care. It also will be challenged as "Kansas Taliban" law, because it sets you against the people's will to education, health care and autonomy. It will, also, increase health costs, due to need for second opinions, medical emergencies and related exigencies. Bad law comes from bad legislators; don't allow Kansas to give bad law a home."
Patricia McBee - Stilwell, KS
Linda Neville - overland park, KS
Corliss Jacobs - OLATHE, KS - "Encouraging doctors to lie? I honestly cannot believe anyone would support SB142..... So please don't!"
Maria Kline - Kansas City,, KS - "I maria kline that is a voter and have been over 50 years. I am one of them that oppose SB142 . It's not fair to allow any doctors to purposefully withhold medical information about serious issues with a pregnancy in order to influence their patients' decision slave time is up no more Master of no!!"
CINDY SUNDELL-GUY - WICHITA, KS - "Please stay out of my personal and health business. Take care of your own family and leave mine alone. Health care is personal and private!"
janet johnson - Wichita, KS - "Have u guys gone crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!BUTT OUT!!!!!! You are destroying lives of people that are more than a few cells. They walk, talk and think."
Bonnie Till - Wichita, KS - "The only other person I want in my bedroom is my husband. The only other person I want in my doctor's examining room is my doctor. I find your constant insistance to be in both my bedroom and doctor's examing room creepy, perverse, and disgusting. B. Till"
Janet Harness - Olathe, KS - "This is a dangerous piece of legislation and I want you to know that I oppose it and ask you to vote against it. "
Rebecca James - Mission Hills, KS
Terre Spencer - Wichita, KS - "I was born and raised in Kansas. This is egregious. A complete violation of trust. Stop being so ridiculous. "
Debra Miller - hutchinson, KS - "By passing this bill you would force me to seek residence in another more progressive state that would allow me to seek an abortion if I so desired and not put road blocks in my way."
Donna Clark - Overland Park, KS
Shirl Ware-Gully - Shawnee, KS - "I am so sick of these types of bills that try to legislate what should be a private issue between women and their physicians! Please vote against this outrageous legislation. "
Sarah Korwin Szymanowski - Wichita, KS - "Appalling. Please vote NO on SB142."
Correne Green - Wichita, KS - "I oppose SB142. Assinine. My one word description of bills, such as SB142, coming out of this session concerning women and health. Almost any line of any of them could be lifted out and printed by any journalist, citizen lobbyist, or citizen. Headlines would immediately catch the eye of the press and Kansas would, once again, become the laughing stock of the country. "
Grady Carl - Downs, KS
Angela Davis - Topeka, KS - "This piece of legislation is disgraceful. Thank you for opposing."
Kathy Ashland - Concordia, KS
Diane Powers - Lawrence, KS
Brooke Atwood - Lawrence, KS - "Please ensure that doctor's honor their Hippocratic Oath by denying a loophole that would allow them to provide me misinformation about my body. "
Janet Palmer - Olathe, KS
Lisa Woodbury - Mission, KS
Dr. Rita Goss - wichita, KS
Diane Stewart - Olathe, KS - "Stay away from my body. It's not your business! I thought Republicans wanted less government interference, so why are you messing with my health care? "
Alice Powell - Wichita, KS
Mary LeClerc - Pittsburg, KS
Molly Black, MD - Shawnee, KS - "Don't make me lie! I won't do it!"
Judith Castor - Goddard, KS
Dr. Joy Darrah - Wichita, KS - "This bill interferes with safe and appropriate medical care, is a violation of patient rights, and requires doctors to "inform" patients with inaccurate medical data. It is not appropriate for a legislator to determine the practice of medicine, particularly when done against current medical recommendations by respected boards of medicine, as is the case here. As a physician, a woman, a mother, and a grandmother, I view it as offensive, obtrusive, and illegal. As a taxpayer I view it as expensive and a diversion of otherwise useful time and funds."
Ann dexter - wichita, KS
Daniel Keleti - Leawood, KS
kim bush - bel aire, KS
carolyn bakri - wichita, KS
Shelley Fritz - Prairie Village, KS
Charmarose Craven - Luray, KS
Russ Miller - Leawood , KS - "Stephanie, Thank you, in advance for your NO vote! I sat in on the vote for the hideous abortion bill on Tues. last week. I was so pleased to see that you voted No on that travesty, as well. Jane "
Bruce Millon - Olathe, KS
Carolyn Chambers - Wichita, KS
Daniel Zupan - lenexa, KS
Susan Alexander - Hutchinson, KS - "A law allowing doctors to purposely withhold medical information? This sets a dangerous precedent for health care. "
Jerry Rees - Leawood, KS
Linda Haag - Ottawa, KS
Linda Serafini-Gale - Garden City, KS - "Abortion is not popular even with pro-choice folks. Pro-choice folks have deep moral values. Please keep separation of religious beliefs from state legislation. Kansas is becoming a legislative theocracy. That is not what our constitution founders intended."
Susan Weidling - Leawood, KS - "I must have been busy when our country decided that freedom of individual choices was no longer possible. Please veto this bill!!!"
Ashley Brink - Wichita, KS
Natalie Myers - Westwood, KS
Rodney Speirer - Lawrence, KS
Patricia Turner - Overland Park, KS
Dianna Barnes - Pittsburg, KS - "More embarrassment for Ks. Gee, just what we needed."
Steven Barnes - Pittsburg, KS
joy corbin - kansas city, KS - "as usual, draconian ks. politicos actually don't give a rat's ass about children,observe the cutbacks on services for those already here.witholding valuable medical info is wrong on so many levels. women do know what is the best choice given their personal situation.provided they are allowed the tools to do so. when will women stop being abused by legislature enacted by power hungry misogynistic jerks?"
Ashley Flinn - Manhattan, KS
Michele Albrecht - Lawrence, KS
Meris Barnes - Lawrence, KS
Loretta Bills - Mission, KS - "I love this state but find our government severely lacking."
John Ternes - Wichita, KS
Steven Edwards - Emporia, KS
Brittany Schuette - Gove, KS - "Personally I am Pro-Life, but also believe that you have a right to you and your child's medical information. And it is your responsibility to let that information guide you, not your doctors. "
evette orozco - Kansas City, KS
Marcia Weeks - Pittsburg, KS
Christopher Hudson - Olathe, KS
john cook - kanssas city, KS
Lisa Schulte - Louisburg, KS - "I have physical medical reports that show how Insurance Doctors lie about conditions. When a person gets their own independent evaluation not paid by Insurance company over a Worker's accident, and how they manipulated medical reports to not report proper on my husband's own medical conditions. In one case, I have 3 reports made same day by same Doctor noting changes in each report, so which is it ? STOP the PUPPET DOCTORS FOR INSURANCE and BRING PROPER CHARGES AGAINST THEM IT"S ILLEGAL TO LIE TO SAVE THEIR MONEY MAKER THE INSURANCE COMPANY WHO FILL THEIR PRACTICES, THEIR HOSPITALS, ETC ETC."
Elena Vassilevsky - Prairie Village, KS - "Every woman has the right to decide what to do with an unwanted pregnancy. Government can help to avoid it in the first place by making modern effective contraception available to everybody."
charles beebe - Wichita, KS